Innovative Adhesive Speeds Up Production


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Innovative Adhesive Speeds Up Production


Safety and reliability are core values across the vehicle industry and various other sectors, prompting a shift from traditional fastening methods like screws and rivets to high-performance adhesives. These adhesives are increasingly used for attaching structural elements such as panels and sandwich panels, floors, windows and load locks. Known for their exceptional strength, these adhesives ensure the integrity of bonded parts under all conditions.

The evolution of adhesives technology has brought significant advancements, allowing for the replacement of many mechanical fasteners and streamlining production processes without compromising the durability of the bond. The adoption of high-performance adhesives, especially in demanding environments, supports resilience against extreme conditions and ensures long-lasting performance.
However, the use of two-component adhesives presents certain challenges.

This article unveils a revolutionary adhesive technology that represents the next step in productivity and durability. This adhesive has the potential to surpass traditional glues as the preferred choice.

Keep reading to discover more about this innovative adhesive system, or reach out to us directly to explore the possibilities.

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Two-component adhesives have brought significant benefits to the industry in general. However, they come with several drawbacks:

  • Mixing the components is always an additional step, potentially extending the overall assembly time.
  • The quality of the adhesive bond depends on the precise ratio of mixing.
  • Once mixed, the product cannot be stored for long due to its limited pot life.
  • They contain harmful substances that pose health and safety risks.
  • The average curing time for a 2C adhesive can be significant, requiring the process to adapt to accommodate it.
  • The components are always packaged separately.

In some markets, mixing two-component adhesives is time-consuming due to the cumbersome methods required, such as using drill machines. However, in many industries, including vehicle production, simpler and more controlled methods using cartridges and pumps are preferred. These methods offer ease of use and greater consistency in application, though they still require multiple packages, which can complicate the process.

These challenges have prompted the search for more efficient and safer adhesive solutions in manufacturing. Moreover, there is a pressing need for greener production processes within the industry, reflecting a broader commitment to environmental sustainability.


adhesives+coatings is excited to unveil a revolutionary adhesive system set to transform the industry. This innovative solution holds vast potential for the market, designed to seamlessly integrate into existing production processes. It replicates the strength and durability of two-component adhesives, yet it addresses and eliminates the associated drawbacks, offering a significant advancement in adhesive technology.


The adhesive (an MS Polymer) is contained in a foil-wrapped adhesive sausage pack. Within this sausage pack, a second compartment harbors moisture. This sausage pack is inserted into a standard caulking gun, onto which a cap, acting as a static mixer, is screwed. This ensures that during use, the adhesive and moisture are thoroughly mixed. This system provides an ideal and much faster alternative to the currently used two-component adhesives, eliminating the drawbacks mentioned earlier. There’s no longer a need for mixing the components, and the quality remains consistent.


Beyond these advantages, the new adhesive system offers many more benefits:

Fast and reliable curing

The adhesive cures significantly faster than traditional adhesives. It no longer requires atmospheric moisture for curing, as this is already included in the product. This ensures consistent strength and curing of the adhesive, allowing for faster processes and reduced production costs.

No need to adjust work processes

The application can be done with a standard caulking gun, so the application process can remain entirely the same and no investments are needed.

More environmentally friendly

The product is packaged in foil, leading to up to 95% waste reduction and lower transport and storage costs. This is much better for the environment compared to the use of traditional adhesive cartridges.

Exceptionally Strong

The addition of moisture to the adhesive, combined with the simple and efficient static mixing mechanism, ensures even distribution. Unlike two-component adhesives that harden quickly on the surface upon contact with air, this new adhesive avoids such issues. The components are so well mixed that they create a super-strong bond.

More adhesive per sausage pack

The adhesive sausage pack consists of adhesive and a moisture compartment, wrapped in foil, which is much thinner than the conventional plastic tubes. As a result, there’s significantly more adhesive per package, with up to 600ml per sausage pack.


This new adhesive system is innovative not just in its delivery system, but also in the adhesive itself!

80% shorter curing time

Upon application, moisture introduced in the static mixer accelerates the curing process, ensuring even curing throughout the adhesive, not just on the surface. This results in a faster curing time, which is particularly advantageous in fast-paced production environments where every second counts, without compromising the quality and durability of the adhesive bond.

Safe to use

The adhesive is an MS Polymer with a new composition of ingredients, making it much more environmentally friendly. This adhesive has been carefully designed to exclude diisocyanates, commonly found in polyurethanes, making it safer to use. It also contains no solvents or silicons, making it far less environmentally damaging. No harmful substances are released, contributing to a safer working environment.

Bonds difficult materials

This adhesive is a true powerhouse, capable of bonding challenging materials like Polypropylene and Monopan with ease.

Elastic, non-shrinking, and UV-resistant

The adhesive remains elastic for its entire lifespan and doesn’t shrink—unlike traditional two-component adhesives. This quality makes it ideal for industries where components must endure constant vibrations and environmental exposure. Additionally, it’s UV-resistant, ensuring its strength is maintained over time.

Ready to coat immediately

The adhesive can be painted or coated immediately after application, as it does not shrink. This eliminates the need for primers or other surface preparations typically required to enhance paint adhesion.

Seals as well as it bonds

The adhesive ensures a watertight and airtight seal, essential in environments where protection against moisture and air leaks is necessary.


This adhesive represents a significant advancement in adhesive technology, offering tremendous benefits across multiple industries due to its exceptional strength and fast curing time. This adhesive system excels at bonding a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, making it ideal for assembling trucks, trailers, specialty vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks, as well as recreational vehicles like caravans.

Its ability to withstand extreme conditions makes it a robust solution for industries that require reliable performance, such as marine, construction, and rail transportation. We are confident that this versatile ‘all-rounder’ adhesive will revolutionize not only vehicle manufacturing but also impact sectors like infrastructure development and heavy equipment manufacturing, thereby improving both the efficiency and quality of their production processes.

Thanks to its advanced formulation, this adhesive can be applied using traditional manually operated guns, as well as compressed air guns for even faster and more efficient processing. This offers users flexibility in choosing application methods based on their specific production needs and work environments. The versatile compatibility with various types of application tools makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.


Are you looking to elevate your production process and reduce environmental impact simultaneously? We invite you to experience the strength and versatility of this advanced adhesive system firsthand. Contact us for more information or to try out the product. Together, we can make processes in a more efficient and sustainable way!


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