MMA adhesive for transport sector


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MMA adhesive for transport sector

MMA adhesive becoming irreplaceable in transport vehicle assembly

The transport sector has traditionally relied on metal as well as fasteners and welded bonds, however, the desire to produce lightweight, economical vehicles in fast paced assembly lines has led to an increased use of plastics, composite materials and adhesives. One of the adhesives that has become nearly irreplaceable in transport vehicle assembly is MMA adhesive which effectively bonds metal, plastics and composite materials in any combination.

MMA (methyl methacrylate) adhesive belongs to the group of structural adhesives. It usually consists of two parts, resin and hardener, and it has numerous properties that benefit that automotive and transport sectors. This two component adhesive not only bonds dissimilar materials but also remarkably reduces the weight of the vehicles.

Beneficial MMA adhesive properties

Methyl methacrylate bonding is used across industries due to its many unique properties. These adhesive systems combine the strength of structural adhesives with a flexible cure profile which together provide high strength and a longer workable time allowing for application over large surfaces and bonding dissimilar materials. These MMA adhesive properties are beneficial in multiple industries, including automotive and transport.

Methyl methacrylate bonding in transport vehicles

bus seats with grey upholstery bonded with mma adhesive
MMA adhesive is ideal for many applications in the transport sector including seats of public transport vehicles.

The MMA adhesive properties that are beneficial for the transport sector in particular, range from fast application and cure to flexibility and strength. Methyl methacrylate bonding is suitable for various applications in heavy trucks, rail vehicles, buses as well as agricultural and construction machinery including bumpers, deflectors, roofs, blades, composite tanks, vehicle seats, interior body panel structures and instrument panels.

Depending on the MMA adhesive formulation, the beneficial properties brought along include:

  • Faster production: methyl methacrylate adhesives adhere fast, allow for adjustments and reach complete cure in 4-24 hours in room temperature.
  • Chemical resistance: MMA adhesives are insensitive to many chemicals present in a vehicle assembly line including grease, oil and fuels.
  • Minimum surface preparation: MMA adhesives are among the few solutions that do not require much (if any) surface preparation. This makes the assembly line even more efficient.
  • Lightweight: as the transport sector is continuously looking for lighter materials, MMA adhesives offer an excellent solution: they effectively replace mechanical fasteners reducing the weight of the finished vehicles.
  • Equal stress distribution: as adhesives are applied over the entire length of the bond, the stress is distributed equally, which leads to increased durability of the bond.
  • Smooth bonds: from an aesthetic point of view, MMA adhesives result in smoother bonds than mechanical fasteners and most other adhesives. They reduce bond line read through (BLRT).
  • Paintability: crucial for vehicle assembly, MMA adhesives are paintable and even withstand high temperatures involved in powder coating and electron coating.
  • Strength: methyl methacrylate adhesives are known for their strength: after having reached the state of final cure they have the strength of 80 to 90% of the one of epoxy adhesives.
  • Gap filling capability: many of these adhesives are capable of filling gaps. The extent of the capability is dependent on the MMA adhesive formulation.
  • Heat resistance: the high temperature resistance of these adhesives is usually up to 120°C on a long term. Most of the adhesives can withstand peaks of higher temperatures.
  • Impact and peel resistance: MMA glues have good impact resistance and excellent peel resistance. They also contribute to the safety of vehicles by having a good crash resistance.

Finding the product with the most suitable set of MMA adhesive properties is not always an easy job: contact us for more information on available systems, reliable manufacturers and latest developments in the MMA adhesives market.

About methyl methacrylate adhesive formulation

By definition methyl methacrylate adhesives are reactive acrylic adhesives which share properties with other structural adhesives. MMA glue systems are almost predominantly two component systems which consist of a resin and a hardener. In methyl methacrylate adhesives a peroxide based activator together with amines forms a free radical that initiates the radical polymerization of methacrylate.

One of the most important benefits of methyl methacrylate adhesive formulation is that it can be modified to suit specific applications. The methyl methacrylate bonding is often preferred due to its unique strength forming and curing processes: rather than slowly building up strength during the process, the adhesive remains workable and then cures into a fixture strength in a matter of minutes. Changing the MMA adhesive formulation and mixing rate allows for modification of the workable time and curing time.

Developments in the MMA adhesives market

Methyl methacrylate adhesives have taken a solid role in the transport and automotive industries as the chemical bonding material that allows for use of lightweight dissimilar materials as well as creates strong bonds in many applications. Regarding these adhesives, the fastest growing sector is projected to be composite materials, and the most demand is likely to come from automotive and transport sectors including road transport. This is due to the desire to produce lightweight, low carbon emitting vehicles. MMA adhesive properties benefit vehicle components, interiors and exteriors.

Get in touch with reliable MMA adhesive manufacturers

Although methyl methacrylate bonding is extremely common in automotive and transport sectors, there are differences between the MMA adhesive manufacturers and their products. In case you are in need of an adhesive system or are looking to challenge your current supplier, contact us and let us find you the MMA adhesive that benefits your process the most.

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