About adhesives+coatings

Which markets and sectors do you cover?

adhesives+coatings operates in the B2B adhesives and coatings industry. Worldwide. This includes products like adhesives, sealants, tapes, films, ingredients, coatings, industrial paints and application instruments. Even though we focus on transport & vehicles, packaging & paper, infrastructure & roads, furniture & home, building & construction, medical & care, and tools & equipment, we’re active in other markets too. We’re always broadening our horizon by getting to know a new market. Geographically we are active worldwide and our international partner network makes it possible to connect supply and demand globally.

Where does the information in the in-depth articles come from?

All our articles are written in-house. The information is retrieved from manufacturers and other reliable sources. Each in-depth article is discussed with the product manufacturer before publishing in order to avoid miscommunication.

What is your policy regardin third party content? Can I submit material for you to publish?

Even though we write all our content ourselves, we are open to third party content.
Please contact us to further discuss the possibilities.

Do you also manufacture adhesives and coatings?

No. We purely focus on providing our customers with the best, and most green adhesives and coatings. This by connecting them to the best manufacturer.

Is adhesives+coatings a Research Institute?

No. Although we have much in-depth knowledge about the global adhesives and coatingsts markets, its trends, developments, etc. we’re not technicians or academic specialists in high-tech adhesives or coatings. Having said that, we’re in touch with may R&D facilities and engineering departments and we’re happy to arrange an introduction!

When you say "indepentent", what does it mean?

We are determined to find the best possible adhesive and coating solutions for each and every project regardless of the brand or manufacturer. We do not depend on a limited pool of partners, but are willing to go the extra mile to guarantee the best possible solution – even if it meant reaching out to a non-partner. Furthermore, we fund all our activities ourselves; there’s no external funding.

As a student, can I and my research benefit from your platform?

Yes. adhesives+coatings provides free information on a wide variety of products. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to get in touch with adhesive and coating manufacturers. This opportunity is also available for students who are involved or interested in developments in application systems.

How does adhesives+coatings work?

adhesives+coatings identifies the best adhesives & coatings solution for your project – and delivers it! This by connecting you to the best, most “green” manufacturer. We provide free information on many different bonding, sealing and coating solutions as well as offer the opportunity to do an enquiry with us. Regardless of the type of adhesive or coating requested, we do our utmost to connect the applicant with the best possible solution. The connections are primarily made to our international network, but new partners are continuously sought to guarantee the best connections.

What do you mean when you say "Focus on the Greenest Solution"?

Sustainability of adhesives and coatings is of great importance regardless of the project or product!

We have a worldwide network of manufacturers producing eco-friendly, non-toxic, re-pulpable, recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable adhesives and coatings. Needless to say, when offering a solution to an end-user, we always try to identify and introduce the end-user to one of those “green” manufacturers first. Environmentally friendly adhesive and coating is our key focus. Unfortunately, in some cases a “green” product isn’t commercially available yet, despite the industries’ frantic efforts to develop one. If that’s the case, we’ll introduce the end-user to the “greenest solution available”.