Medical & Care

Medical adhesives, sealants and more

Adhesives and sealants have a crucial role in the medical and care sector. Medical grade adhesives and sealants are used in medical equipment manufacturing and device assembly. They are also applied in wound care and cure. Not only do medical adhesives and sealants contribute to wound care and healing processes, but they can also function as the initiator of wound care. Products similar to medical grade adhesives and sealants are also commonly used for creating molds and models especially in dentistry.

The medical adhesives and sealants are continuously being researched in order to further develop the application in medical and care sectors. Currently medical grade adhesives and sealants include chemistries such as silicone, polyurethane, acrylic and bio adhesives and sealants.

Adhesive applications for medical & care

skin protectant applied under dressing
blue medical tape with wash soluble adhesive
sterile medical adhesive film in abdominal surgery
a baby diaper wherenonwoven construction adhesive is used
skin protectant adhesive
dental wax, modeling wax used for making reconstruction
yellow dental putty impression material