adhesives+coatings is your coating specialist. It’s our mission to make the coating industry greener and to reduce its environmental footprint. By delivering a greener, customised coating that has the right properties for your project we help you innovate.

Are you looking for a new, unique coating for your industrial project?

Being an independent platform, we provide assistance so that you can find the right coating solution for your project – for free! Typically, these are high-quality, niche coatings.

Once we’re in touch via the contact form on our website, by phone or WhatsApp, we’ll analyse your specific coating needs. We work with you identifying the ideal characteristics of your chosen coating and guide you through the process of finding and using your new coating. Upon having the full picture (including technical specifications, application process, volume, etc) we’ll start our world-wide search.

As independent platform we’ll identify the best manufacturer and focus on the “greenest” solution. By introducing you to that specific manufacturer we supply that highest-quality niche coating!

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