Versatile automotive electronics glue and sealant


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Versatile automotive electronics glue and sealant

Excellent automotive and electronics glue and sealant in one

We know it’s a common problem in the ever increasingly complex challenges most industries face. How do you keep the number of adhesion failures and adhesion related workshop errors as low as possible, while also reducing the number of different adhesives and sealants you have to stock? To complicate matters, in most branches the end result must be as green as possible, recyclable or even compostable.

This might be especially true if your company produces parts or accessories for the automotive or electronics industry. The range of materials these industries use is so wide: aluminium and other metals, glass, wood, plastics, FRP. The list is endless. So, how do you hold it all together?

It’s part of the deal, you might say, to encounter issues in adhesion or sealing applications, and we’d agree. The ability to detect and find a solution for those issues in the early stages is hugely important. Some might say it can turn out to be the basic distinction between a mediocre company and an industry leader.

In general, adhesion issues may take a while to surface. The parts may already be shipped or past the assembly line of your customer, possibly resulting in warranty claims or even costly product recalls. If you’re a third-party parts or accessories manufacturer, the success of your entire company could depend on it. It’s no surprise you want to play it safe and stick to what you know.

If you are looking for an excellent bonding adhesive or sealant that can take on most materials and applications, you’re in for quite the quest. Contact us to find what you need.

The right electronics glue can make life much easier

Manufacturers will agree it’s often a bit of a balancing act. On the one hand, you need to have the best glue for the job. There are many glues that perform admirably on certain substrates, but not so well on others.

Maybe you have been looking for one that performed well on all the materials in your manufacturing process. Chances are, you couldn’t find one. The solution was to find a different glue for the other substrate combinations. So, over the years, your storage became stocked with a range of adhesives and sealants.

That may have worked for the quality of the products that roll off your production line, but we reckon the floor manager, the buyer and the stock manager may have different views on the efficiency of it all.

The floor manager will tell you that using a wide range of adhesives and sealants also increases the risk of errors on the workfloor. Most glues look pretty much the same, so it’s very easy to load the equipment with the wrong product. Mixing different adhesives in application equipment may cause unpredictable issues that lead to production downtime and costly repairs. The solution could be buying more equipment, one for every type of adhesive, but this comes with a hefty price tag.

Also, the buyer and the stock manager will have their own problems, because buying and stocking gets more complicated as the number of products in storage are increased. These problems are exacerbated by details in buying contracts, stock availability, available warehouse space, shelf life of current stock, and so on. Any reduction in the number of adhesives and sealants would be a welcome relief.

Versatile adhesives for automotive and electronics applications save money

We can think of many applications that will benefit from this. A typical application could be the assembly of air-bags or lighting units for the automotive industry. The fixation of vehicle sensors and gauges to keep them in place, while damaging vibrations are reduced, is another.

An entirely different application could be the adhesion of rfid tags to plastic substrates. Or the construction of parts that don’t require access or disassembly later on.

It is also worth mentioning that many adhesives and sealants are based on natural products, these days. We know of reliable products made with castor oil, for instance. These often don’t contain hazardous solvents, making them a modern and responsible alternative to many other adhesives.

In conclusion, when you’re assembling electronics devices for the automotive industry, or manufacture parts for any other industry for that matter, you want to reduce the number of gluesand sealants as much as possible, without surrendering adhesion strength and reliability on a wide variety of substrates and materials.

Let’s emphasize again, having an electronics adhesive that bonds easily with many materials can save a lot of time and money. The benefits are even greater when the adhesive also doubles as a reliable sealant.

If you need a specialized adhesive or sealant to replace your current product, contact us for advice.

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