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adhesives+coatings is the largest online platform on the internet, delivering greener, customised adhesives, sealants and coatings to our industrial customers. This by introducing them to the best manufacturer. World-wide, and for free!

Founded in 2019 in The Netherlands we’re an independent, global player reaching an increasing number of markets, and so presenting an unique position not available in any other industry. We have accomplished so much over the years. To create a world where adhesives, sealants and coatings do not leave a footprint has always been our goal.

At adhesives+coatings we encourage our community to join our activities and leave a greener planet for future generations.

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The industrial revolution brought new job opportunities, technological development and transitioned us into the modern society that we have now come to accept as normal – but it happened quickly and it took us a long time to understand the full cost of this accelerated growth. We built a world that valued fast, cheap, and throwaway goods to match our time constrained consumerist lifestyles; and this system is no longer working.

It’s time to redesign our relationship with resources, to adopt smarter lifestyles and sustainable consumption patterns in line with circular resource management.


At adhesives+coatings we see it as our mission to make the adhesive and coating market more sustainable.

We make the market more sustainable by supplying products that best fit our clients’ needs and that do not leave a footprint.

We help industrial end-users innovate by delivering a greener, customised adhesive or coating that has the right properties for their project and production process.


To achieve our mission of a greener future, we at adhesives+coatings continuously seek the latest advancements in sustainable adhesives and coatings. With a global network of suppliers, we’ve unearthed innovative solutions from across the globe – the US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and various Asian countries.

But our journey doesn’t stop there. We actively pursue groundbreaking developments and welcome adhesive manufacturers to connect with us. Share your latest innovations and help us inform the adhesives+coatings community about industry breakthroughs!

Together, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Allard Winterink
Allard Winterink Co-Founder

With the help of adhesives+coatings, many products have been assisted with solutions they were previously unaware of. We often hear about products before they hit the market. Our aim is to make a difference for you as a producer. I'd love to hear how I can assist you.