High peel strength adhesive


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High peel strength adhesive

Vehicle industry benefits from high peel strength adhesive

For some time now, the automotive and transport industries have been adopting more and more adhesive technologies in order to realize vehicles that meet today´s requirements. One of the newer inventions introduces a new approach to acrylic structural adhesives: this high peel strength adhesive has also high elongation, low odor and it is prone to minimum shrinkage.

This high peel strength adhesive with exceptional elongation is based on acrylic adhesive technology, however, it takes the chemistry further and creates a unique combination of properties. This set of properties is especially appealing to vehicle manufacturing from cars and buses to trains and trucks as it supports the use of lightweight materials such as plastic and composite but is also applicable on metals.

High peel strength adhesive based on methyl methacrylate - but better

high peel strength adhesive applied in automotive industry
The high peel strength adhesive is based on MMA chemistry, but takes it step further by adding a unique set of properties.

The high peel strength adhesive uses similar technology to that of methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA). Nevertheless, it takes the chemistry a step further and offers a unique set of properties. Compared to regular acrylic structural adhesives, the innovative adhesive has optimized open and curing time which enable greater production efficiency.

This adhesive also beats the regular MMA in peel strength and elongation. Even though peel resistance of adhesives is nothing new, it becomes exciting when it is combined with high elongation. A pair of characteristics that is rarely found in one adhesive.

Long term benefits with acrylic structural adhesive

Next to the couple of advantages over regular methyl methacrylate, the high peel strength adhesive comes with more benefits which can positively influence the production on the long run.

  • Lightweight vehicles: the acrylic high peel strength adhesive allows for lightweight vehicle production as it is lighter than fasteners and welds, and bonds lightweight materials such as aluminum, (thermo)plastics and different composite materials. The adhesive can also replace welded bonds between metals.
  • User friendliness: this adhesive is use friendly in many areas: it can be applied after minimum surface preparation and without a primer, unlike other MMA´s it has very low odor and it also changes color to indicate the stage of cure.
    Increased efficiency: rather fast curing (8 to 11 minutes) together with the optimized working time and curing time ratio this adhesive can be applied keeping the cycle times short which leads to higher efficiency than what could be achieved with other acrylic adhesives.
  • Versatile application possibilities: the adhesive is suitable for both manual and automated applications. As the focus has been laid on the rheology of each component, a manual gun can be used. On the other hand the optimized open and curing times allow for process automation.
  • Unique technical properties for specific applications: the combination of exceptional peel resistance (14 N/mm) and high elongation (about 90%) alone make the adhesive unique. However, it has other characteristics which make it suitable for specified applications: extremely low shrinkage, sag resistance and not boiling when filling large gaps make the high peel strength adhesive ideal for large composite substrates.
  • Product quality: this acrylic adhesive also has an impact on the quality of the vehicles: due to its flexibility it absorbs shocks and damps vibration, which increases comfort of the finished products. Next to that, the adhesive also contributes to the aesthetic aspects of quality: it has a very low read through, which means that it is a desired solution for visible applications especially in the automotive industry.

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