MS polymer adhesives and sealants for transport and vehicles


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MS polymer adhesives and sealants for transport and vehicles

MS polymer adhesives and sealants increase safety, efficiency and reliability

Modified silane polyethers, better known as MS polymers make exceptional adhesives and sealants for many industries among which transport vehicle assembly. MS polymer adhesives and sealants get their inspiration from silicone and polyurethane based systems while cancelling out most of the disadvantages associated with them.

MS polymer sealants and adhesives make transport vehicle assembly safer, more efficient and more reliable. They are also free of solvents, silicone and isocyanates which all are considered harmful to humans and the environment.

MS polymer adhesive and sealant applications in vehicle assembly

tram frame in assembly line with mas polymer adhesives and sealants
MS polymer adhesives can be applied to vehicle frames to reduce total weight and improve performance.

Bonding and sealing are crucial procedures involved in vehicle assembly. The industry is on a continuous look for more efficient, safer and more reliable systems which make the vehicles greener, faster and more environmentally friendly. MS polymer adhesives and sealants are suitable for instance for train, truck and bus assembly. The most common applications include:

  • Bodywork assembly: MS polymer adhesives offer a strong and easy to apply system for bonding bus frames, truck cabins and body structures of trains.
  • Sealing and bonding windows: one of the oldest MS polymer applications are sealing and bonding vehicle windows and windshields. The flexibility of MS polymer adhesives and sealants guarantee high performance on windows and windshields of vehicles.
  • Sealing floors, roofs and interior and exterior panels: MS polymer systems are also used for sealing floors, roofs and side panels of vehicles. Their flexibility allows for high performance, whereas the minimum surface preparation and ability to bond dissimilar materials guarantee assembly efficiency.

User and eco friendly MS polymer sealants and adhesives

One of the greatest advantages of MS polymer adhesive and sealants systems is that they do not contain any silicone, solvents or isocyanates. The absence of these ingredients is typical for all modified silane systems and it brings along multiple unique advantages.

MS polymer sealants and adhesives without solvents

Solvents have long been used in adhesives and sealants to achieve beneficial properties and fast curing. However, solvents are considered hazardous for the environment and humans as they may cause respiratory problems and soil contamination.

The absence of solvents reduces, but does not remove, the need for safety measures during application. It also eliminates the problem of shrinkage which is well known among solvent based systems. Solvent based systems cure by evaporation, which causes shrinkage. As MS polymers are almost predominantly 100% solid, shrinkage is not a problem to consider.

Isocyanate free MS polymer sealants and adhesives

Isocyanates are classified as potential human carcinogens meaning that the absence of this ingredient significantly increases the safety of the adhesive or sealant systems as well as that of the finished product.

Isocyanates are also tricky as they tend to cause bubbling when the adhesive or sealant is curing. As the system comes in contact with moisture in the ambient or on the substrate, the isocyanates react with it and produce CO2. As there are no isocyanates in MS polymer solutions, they can also be applied to damp or wet surfaces.

Benefits due to absence of silicone

Even though silicone is the most hazardous or harmful of substances, the benefits of excluding it in adhesive and sealant formulations are great. As modified silane polyethers do not contain silicone, they are not likely to cause skin irritation when uncured systems are touched.
Additionally, MS polymers are less likely to cause staining than systems that contain silicone oil. The silicone free nature of MS polymer adhesives and sealants also allows for painting with almost any water based paint.

Make use of the numerous advantages of MS polymer systems

Vehicle assembly is continuously challenged by increasing expectations and demands by the buyer, governmental bodies and environmental conditions. Therefore, the use of MS polymer adhesives and sealants has increased remarkably in the past years: they are strong, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

MS polymer adhesive and sealant systems do not contain harmful silicone, solvents or isocyanates yet they still form strong and flexible bonds and seals. The application process is also increased in efficiency since MS polymers require little to no surface preparation, adhere to most substrates without a primer and bond dissimilar materials. They also possess many beneficial properties which increase the performance of the solutions. These include:

  • Water resistance: MS polymers form 100% watertight seals and bonds and can be applied to damp or wet surfaces.
  • Chemical resistance: modified silane polyethers are also resistant to most chemicals present in vehicle assembly lines including oil and fuels as well as cleaning substances.
  • Flexibility: even the most demanding elastic bonding and sealing applications can be realized with MS polymer solutions thanks to their extreme flexibility which is retained throughout their lifecycle.
  • Weather resistance: as vehicles are often subject to the effects of the elements, MS polymers make an excellent bonding and sealing solutions. MS polymers are weatherproof and last significantly longer than for example polyurethane based systems.
  • UV resistance: compared to silicone and polyurethane systems, MS polymer adhesives and sealants are more resistant to UV radiation and less prone to deterioration by it requiring less frequent maintenance when applied to vehicle parts exposed to UV rays.

Find the right MS polymer adhesives and sealants for transport sector

Regardless of the type of vehicle, trains, trucks, buses, agricultural machniery and specialty vehicles can all benefit from MS polymer adhesives and sealants in terms of safety, strength, reliability and efficiency. In case you consider modified silane polyethers a suitable choice for your vehicle assembly line, contact us and get more information. Our experts are dedicated to finding the best adhesive and sealant solutions for all applications.

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