Agricultural and construction machinery adhesive systems

adhesives and sealants for agricultural machinery on green harvester and tractor

Agricultural and construction machinery adhesive increases efficiency

Heavy machinery in agriculture and construction must be safe, reliable and durable with a hint of comfort. In order to meet the requirements, special construction and agricultural machinery adhesive systems replace welded seams and conventional fasteners. Agricultural and construction machinery adhesive solutions enable safer, stronger and quieter equipment and new, improved designs. Here you can find the advantages of bonding, and more specific adhesive applications in construction and agricultural machinery.

Construction and agricultural machinery adhesive benefits

Not only enable agricultural machinery adhesives stronger and quieter equipment, but have more advantages benefitting assembly lines and finished products. Agricultural and construction machinery adhesive systems are used for example in vehicles such as tractors, backhoes, skid steers and combines, cabins and engines, subcomponents such as gearboxes as well as attachments including mowers, harrows, seed drills and balers.

The advantages provided by construction and agricultural machinery adhesive systems include the following.

  • Improving design: using adhesives instead of mechanical means of bonding allows for greater design freedom and improved aerodynamics. This contributes to lower fuel consumption.
  • Optimizing machinery assembly: construction machinery adhesive systems are applicable in several ways meaning that it is possible to find the one that fits your assembly line the best. They are usually faster to apply than mechanical alternatives and their curing time can be reduced to minimum depending on the system.
  • Cutting costs: adhesives generally reduce the production costs as they are cheaper to purchase and apply than the mechanical alternatives. They also reduce the need for expensive repairs saving the farmer money, which makes the product more attractive.
  • Increasing durability: agricultural machinery adhesives result in strong, low maintenance bonds. They also reduce the risk for corrosion by forming a seam between metal surfaces.
  • Reducing weight: as adhesives are remarkably lighter in weight than mechanical, usually metal, fasteners, they reduce the vehicle´s total weight, which leads to lowered fuel consumption. There are also super fast curing solutions which are even lighter than traditional adhesives.
  • Enhancing safety: some bonding systems for agricultural vehicles and construction machinery contribute to safety by improving the vehicle’s performance in crash situations.

Different applications of adhesives for agricultural machinery

In the manufacturing of construction and agricultural vehicles, adhesives play an important role in numerous applications throughout the assembly line from exterior panels to engine components and interior trim. Contact us in case you need any assistance in choosing the right adhesives for your machinery assembly line.

adhesives for tractors in direct glazing
Direct glazing and windscreens are among the oldest applications of adhesives for agricultural machinery.

Adhesives for vehicle windows

One of the oldest adhesive applications in agricultural and construction machinery are direct glazing and windscreens. The bonds increase safety in crash situations, prevent galvanic corrosion and ease the production process.

The products for bonding vehicle windows include MS polymers and polyurethanes. They exist as cold, warm and hot applied products which allow for manual and automated processes. In general the application and curing processes are fast, but they can be made even faster by choosing for super fast curing solutions which do not require a primer.

Agricultural and construction machinery cabin bonding

Before painting the cabins, adhesives are applied to the framework. These contribute to safety with their impact resistance, prevent corrosion of metal parts, reduce the total weight of the vehicle, damp noise and vibration and allow for desired looks as they are paintable. They also form a perfect substrate for the paint: most of the agricultural and construction machinery adhesive solutions are heat resistant and enable later e-coat or powder coating.

The adhesives for cabin bonding of agricultural machinery exist as one and two component systems. Most often they are polyurethane epoxy hybrids which cure fast when heat is applied. They also allow for automated application processes and so ease the assembly. The cabin bonding solutions also exist as environmentally friendly solutions which do not contain solvents or PVC. These are common also in public transportation vehicles such as buses.

Trim shop adhesives for heavy machinery

Adhesives for the trim shop often come with sealing properties. They also provide design freedom and possibilities for aerodynamic design. They are paintable, impact resistant and damp noise and vibration. Additionally, they allow for efficient temperature control by forming an airtight seal which keeps the cabin temperature as wished.

Adhesives and sealants for agricultural machinery used in tractor exterior
Construction and agricultural machinery adhesive systems for doors and closures guarantee quality equal to that of the cabin.

Trim shop adhesives for agricultural machinery exist as thermosetting and thermoplastic materials. They are usually one and two component polyurethanes as well as 2K acrylic solutions. The same systems are suitable as construction machinery adhesive solutions as well as rail vehicles.

Structural bonding for doors and closures

The doors, hood and other closures of construction and agricultural vehicles must meet the same requirements as the cabin. Therefore, adhesives are used to improve crash performance and provide strong bonds (and seals). Additionally, these bonds are often heat resistant to the point that the parts can be e-coated or powder coated.

Structural bonding systems for doors and closures often come as flexible 2K polyurethanes, easy-to-apply and flexible 1K polyurethanes, low preparation 2K acrylic systems and polyurethane hybrids which are strong, flexible and do not require much surface preparation.

Types of agricultural and construction machinery adhesive systems

In agricultural machinery there are many types of bonds which improve reliability and durability of the finished products. Most of the adhesives within the industry are used for either reducing the use of welds and fasteners or protecting and securing flanged, threaded and cylindrical assemblies.

Weld and fastener reduction

One of the main purposes of agricultural machinery adhesive systems is to reduce the use of welds and fasteners; the same counts for construction machinery adhesive systems. Replacing mechanical bonds results in lighter vehicle weight which contributes to lower fuel consumption. The reduction of metal to metal contact reduces corrosion and so increases the overall durability and reliability of the vehicles. Moreover, adhesives allow for design freedom and more appealing aesthetics as they make no holes and the result is uniform, even paintable.
An adhesive that is increasing its popularity in vehicle assembly is methyl methacrylate, which bonds dissimilar materials and has a unique cure profile. Another innovative adhesive is one that relies on MS polymer technology.

Protecting and securing flanged, threaded & cylindrical assemblies

Adhesives play also a role in protecting and securing flanged, threaded and cylindrical assemblies as threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing and retaining. This enables manufacturers to increase product reliability and reduce downtime and need for later maintenance.

  • Threadlocking: anaerobic (in the absence of air) curing, thermosetting threadlocking solutions are applied to threads of fasteners preventing loosening.
  • Thread sealing: anaerobic curing thread sealing systems fill the space between threaded parts forming an instant low pressure seal which prevents liquid and gas leakages.
  • Gasketing: self-forming gaskets form the perfect seal between components providing maximum face-to-face contact and so reducing the risk for flange face corrosion.
  • Retaining: anaerobic retaining compounds secure bearings, bushings and cylindrical parts making the assemblies stronger and reducing the need for maintenance and expensive repair parts.

Looking for suitable adhesives for agricultural or construction machinery?

The right construction and agricultural machinery adhesive systems are dependent on the manufacturing process, assembly line and the desired looks and performance of the finished product. Therefore, it is not always an easy choice to make. Fortunately, our specialists are always happy to help you by assisting in the process, making product suggestions and bringing you in touch with market-leading suppliers. Simply click on the contact button below and let us know more about your bonding needs.

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