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Metal-to-metal adhesive for the aircraft industry

High-strength metal-to-metal adhesive for aircraft construction

Your company is searching for the best adhesives available for the construction and maintenance of airplanes. In the aerospace industry there is only limited leeway between ‘perfect’ and ‘not good enough’.

In the aircraft branche you can’t get away with less-than-perfectly assembled items. You want stuff to stay put. The reason is clear. In the aerospace industry, construction failures tend to have dire consequences. Delamination, bolts running loose, stuff breaking, these are all issues that you definitely want to avoid.

These are things that cannot be fixed in a standard warranty process. That’s not because it’s a money thing – though we could be talking serious financial claims – but because people’s lives depend on the quality of every part in the structural assembly. Not a lot of leeway here.

When you’re in the business of bolting things together, you need a truly reliable threadlocker. For instance, a two-part epoxy metal-to-metal glue that is made for the job. Contact us, if you want to know more.

Epoxy adhesive threadlocker for secure aircraft assembly applications

It is absolutely true that manufacturing for the aerospace industry means serious business. Words like ‘reliability’ and ‘trust’ come up a lot, when discussing new products or partners. You need the reassurance then, that your particular metal adhesive will not fail you. You can’t cut corners in this business.

For your assembly line you’ll want a high-reactive two-component epoxy adhesive for metal-tometal applications. Not just any glue, but one that is especially developed for securing and locking metal bolts in aircrafts. These bolts must be able to sustain a wide range of forces, temperatures, and vibrations and you want an adhesive that fits these requirements.

The best type would be one with filling properties, to help establishing a perfectly uniform contact surface. This makes the bond even stronger.

For this particular type of assembly, it is also absolutely vital that pin-point application can be guaranteed. You want the adhesive to come in practical quantities, like easy-to-use burst packs that allow economical usage in small increments.

It also must be easy to mix. When an engineer is bolting parts together, they don’t want to mess around with beakers and stirrers. It’s much cleaner and easier to just take a package, break the internal seal and kneed the contents by hand, cut off a corner and apply the mixed adhesive exactly where it’s needed. Come to think of it, this is the only time where cutting corners is actually recommended.

Strong two-component epoxy adhesive that is easy to mix and apply

It is wonderful when the application is as easy as the preparation. Calling it airplane glue could give off the wrong impression, but if the adhesive described above also has a good pot life and a sag-free thixotropy, application could become as relaxed as if building an airplane model. The comparison ends there, of course, but you know what we mean.

It goes without saying – but we still like to emphasize it – that the right threadlocker must also be resistant to FP4 jet fuel and lubrication oils of the type that are generally used in the aerospace industry.

And things are looking up even more when the glue contains not hazardous solvents. That is even more reassuring when you’re working in a confined space, say, a fuselage.

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