About adhesives

General information about adhesives and innovations

Adhesives are used in virtually every production process. adhesives+coatings aims to make the adhesives and coatings market more sustainable. We do this by highlighting innovative and greener products and helping producers find more sustainable adhesive alternatives that fit even better in their production process.

On this page you will find articles about sustainability options in adhesives and more information about different, unique adhesives in general.

metal adhesives being applied on car underbody
epoxy or glue?
biomass resulting from composting biodegradable adhesive
hot melt as a solvent free adhesive
water based adhesive applied for food packaging
modified silane adhesives and sealant bein applied on window
silicone sealants applied on glass
thoughts of sustainable adhesives
industrila sealants being applied
biobased adhesives and sealants from sustainable resources
polyurethane adhesives being applied to car glazing
a wooden house being built using low carbon adhesives for construction
testing intumescent sealant in an oven with flames
super glue and other adhesives for home repairs
different types of sealants used in a bathroom with blue towels
2k epoxy adhesives in a tube
adhesive chemistry raw materials, blue and green polymer resins