Packaging & Paper

Adhesives and sealants in the packaging and paper industries

Adhesives and sealants play a crucial role in the paper and packaging industries. Adhesives are used for example in laminating paper and cardboard, gluing labels and lining food packages such as beverage cans. The adhesives used in paper and packaging are mainly divided into three groups: hotmelts, waterborne and solvent-based systems. The hotmelts and waterborne packaging and paper adhesives are gaining more and more market share as manufacturers opt for sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Nonetheless, for some applications, solvent-based solutions have not yet been replaced.

Adhesive applications for packaging and paper industries

Champaign bottles with aluminum bottle wraps
Food-safe plastic adhesive for filter elements
packaging film with biodegradable heat seal adhesive
laminating film on book covers
100% Biodegradable and 100% compostable
comostable pressure sensitive adhesive for tape and labels used behind an eco friendly label
biodegradable hot melt adhesive 100% biodegradable
folder gluing machine applies metallocene hot melt adhesive
packaging line with low temperature hot melt adhesive aka cool melt
industrial packaging line where pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive is applied
pile of pet bottles with labels glued using alkali soluble labeling adhesive
used paper bag with bio-based packaging adhesive