Furniture & Home

Home and furniture adhesives and sealants

The furniture industry makes use of a great number of bonds and seals realized with special adhesives and sealants. The requirements for furniture adhesives and sealants are shifting towards sustainability resulting user- and environmentally friendly end-products without compromising on the quality. The trend in adhesives and sealants for home is leaning towards the same direction. For example solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation use similar technologies as foam bonding in mattresses and other furniture.

The industry involves many different materials which each require a special sealing or bonding solution. The bonds and seals are formed between materials such as metals, plastics, wood, foam and fabrics.

Adhesive applications for home and furniture industries

Biodegradable resin solutions
Heat resistance wood veneer and laminates adhesives
Elastic adhesives for pvc and parquet flooring
finger joints to be joined with EPI glue for wood
water based mattress adhesives in assembly
hot melt adhesives for mattresses in assembly
particleboard made stronger with reinforcement and anchoring adhesive
a spring mattress kept together by mattress adhesive
foam bonding adhesive needed for stack of foam
furniture adhesive in yellow chairs