At adhesives+coatings we have a mission to make the adhesive & sealant market more sustainable.

Are you looking for a new, unique adhesive or sealant for your industrial project?

We help industrial end-users innovate by delivering a greener, customised adhesive that has the right properties for their production process, and don’t leave a footprint. For free!

Upon receipt of your request, we’ll work with you on analysing your specific adhesive needs. We help you identify the ideal characteristics of your chosen adhesive and guide you through the process of finding and using your new adhesive. We’ll make sure to get the full picture, including technical specifications, application process, volume, etc. Once we have the most important facts, we’ll start our search. As independent platform we’ll identify the best manufacturer for your project via our world-wide network. By connecting you with that manufacturer we supply that highest-quality niche adhesive!

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Are you looking for a unique, environmentally friendly adhesive, sealant, or coating? We can always identify a product that meets your requirements!

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Mike Lance
Alexandra Patel
Neha Sharma

We produce biologically harvested and fair trade coffee beans, and sustainability is a top priority for us, even in our packaging. With the assistance of adhesives+coatings, we've found a green sealing solution for our packaging. This sustainable adhesive not only meets our needs but also exceeds them with its durability, ensuring longevity for our products.

Mike Lance CEO

As manufacturers of printed cartons and labels, we were seeking bio-based coatings that are compostable and repulpable, while offering resistance to grease, oil, and moisture, as well as heat sealability. Through adhesives+coatings, we've partnered with an overseas manufacturer that has a coating with a proven track record in similar applications to our frozen and chilled cartons.

Alexandra Patel Senior Technical Manager

One of our standout products is a biodegradable and compostable water-based barrier coating board. With the assistance of adhesives+coatings, we've sourced a compostable, heat-sealable adhesive for one of their clients, utilizing our board.

Neha Sharma Composite Manufacturing Engineer

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The rapid disruption our industry faces, present many challenges for the majority of our current market.

At adhesives+coatings we see it as our mission to make the market and industry more sustainable. We help companies to innovate by delivering greener, customised adhesives or coatings for their projects. Typically these are unique, niche products that do not leave a footprint.

Allard Winterink
Allard Winterink Co-Founder