Mattress adhesive South Africa

water based mattress adhesive in a mattress packed in plastic South Africa

Water based mattress adhesive for new factory in South Africa

At AdhesivePlatform we were recently given the honor to help set up a new business by assisting in finding the best adhesive system. A South African mattress manufacturer contacted us enquiring about a water based mattress adhesive to use in their products to be assembled in their new factory.

The new mattress factory focuses on producing sustainable mattresses in an efficient manner. This sets special requirements for the adhesive that bonds together the different layers of the mattresses.

Sustainable, fast curing mattress adhesive for South Africa

The vision of the South African mattress manufacture included water based adhesives and efficient automated packaging – all in one line. The challenge was to find a water based adhesive which dries fast enough – and completely – before the mattresses are rolled up and wrapped in packaging material. Water based adhesives tend to have a rather long curing time and they may cause mold problems if the mattresses are packed too early as some water may still evaporate. Fortunately, our network also includes innovative mattress adhesive manufacturers who could provide the South African company with a solution.

After selecting a mattress adhesive supplier, we shared the project details and adhesive specifications with them. The adhesive manufacturer immediately thought of an adhesive system that would allow for efficient production of mattresses in South Africa.

From testing to mattress production

In this case the advantage was that the adhesive was needed for a new factory granting more freedom to choose the type of adhesive and application method as well as equipment. The needs of the water based adhesive could be considered in the final design of the assembly line.

However, the adhesive still needs to be tested on the mattress materials in order to guarantee outstanding performance. Currently the South African company and adhesive supplier are exchanging specifications and a sample of the mattress adhesive will be sent to South Africa one of these days to carry out testing and proceed to production.

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5. Exchange of technical details between supplier and end-user

6. Sample testing and advise on system specific methods

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