Biodegradable lid film and adhesive for packaging

food packaging needs biodegradable lid film and adhesive

Bioplastic food packaging manufacturer looks for biodegradable lid film and adhesive

Through adhesives+coatings we connect supply and demand in the adhesives and sealants industry. Usually we have the supply but lack demand, however, it can also go the other way around. We were recently contacted by a food packaging manufacturer that specializes in biodegradable packaging, and is looking for a two layered biodegradable lid film and adhesive for their bioplastic packaging.

Despite our extensive network, we have not yet been able to connect this enquiry to a supplier. We are, nonetheless, continuously looking for a solution and are open to any suggestions!

FDA approved and biodegradable lid film with adhesive

food container with biodegradable lid film and adhesive
The packaging manufacturer is looking for a biodegradable lid film and adhesive for their sustainable food boxes.

The packaging manufacturer specializes in food packaging made of PLA foam. These products also require a lid that seals the packaging. Therefore, the company is looking for a two layered lid film that is glued to the packaging and is safe for food contact. The film and adhesive also must be biodegradable in order for the company to produce 100% biodegradable food packaging. Consequently, it is crucial for the biodegradable lid film and adhesive to be FDA certified.

Two solutions to help out the biodegradable packaging manufacturer

The biofoam packaging manufacturer is initially looking for a combination of lid film and adhesive. However, it is also possible to supply a biodegradable adhesive polymer which they can use to make the lid film. Both of the possible solutions are tied to some requirements in addition to biodegradability and food safety.

1. Biodegradable lid film with adhesive

The two layered biodegradable film should be made of PBAT, PBS or blends of these two. The possible application methods include T-die and blowing process. The lid film must be transparent and easy to peel off the packaging. The bottom layer of the biodegradable packaging must allow for heat sealing.

As our network does not yet include a manufacturer that offers such a solution, we are open for ideas! Do not hesitate to contact us in case your company could provide a biodegradable lid film and adhesive combination for a large volume (repreated) order.

2. Biodegradable adhesive polymer

The packaging manufacturer would preferably be supplied the combination of biodegradable lid film and adhesive. However, a biopolymer based adhesive polymer would also help solve the problem. Next to food safety and biodegradability, the adhesive polymer should be processible by T-die or blowing process by extrusion. The adhesive polymer would be used to make the lid film domestically.

If you have a suggestion about a suitable adhesive polymer, please help us out!

Do you have the solution?

Adhesives+coatings brings supply to demand, and vice versa, in the adhesives and sealants industry. In this case we have the demand but miss the supply: all suggestions are appreciated!

In case your company is producing biodegradable, food safe film and/or adhesive that could be used as lid film for food packaging, let us know! We would also appreciate any tips on biopolymer based adhesive polymers. Hit the button below to contact us, and help out the packaging manufacturer.

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