Compostable stickers and glue for paper bags

Compostable stickers and glue for paper bags

Looking for compostable stickers and glue for paper bags

Despite our extensive network, it sometimes happens that none of our partners can provide a solution to an enquiry. One such case occurred when a paper bag manufacturer approached us to enquire about 100% compostable stickers and glue.

Our network includes several compostable and biodegradable adhesive manufacturers, however, the combination of sticker and glue could not be provided. We are, nevertheless, not ready to give up and are continuously looking for a suitable solution. We are open for any suggestions!

Project description, requirements and possible solutions

The increased importance of environmentally friendliness and sustainable waste management calls for innovative solutions, also in the paper bag industry. In this case the solution should be designed to close full paper bags. The requirements tied to the stickers and adhesives include compostability under industrial or domestic compost circumstances and strength to keep the bags closed.

Even though the company originally requested for compostable stickers, other options may be applicable. The point is that whatever the solution may be, it can be used to close compostable paper bags, and keep them closed for several days.The solution could be:

  • Separately supplied compostable labels and pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Compostable stickers which stick thanks to compostable glue
  • Compostable tape (single or double sided)
  • Remoistenable glues made of compostable materials
  • Compostable sealer strip with a liner
  • Other innovative solutions. Please, share, if you have one.

Do you have a solution - compostable stickers or labels?

Adhesives+coatings connects supply and demand in the adhesives and sealants industry. In this case we have the demand but miss the supply: we are open for suggestions!

In case your company is producing compostable stickers or labels, or works with materials that could be converted into stickers, let us know. Better yet, if you are manufacturing 100% compostable stickers, including the adhesive, be sure to inform us and get connected!

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Interested in our concept?

Lately we have noticed an increase in the interest towards compostable and biodegradable adhesive systems and receive more and more enquiries about these solutions. Are you an adhesive manufacturer with a range of biodegradable and compostable products, and would you like to broaden your reach to new clients through adhesivesandcoatings? Contact us and start the process of becoming our partner. We are always happy to extend our network!