Bio-based adhesive for natural fiber composites Canada

bio-based adhesive in natural fiber composite

Canadian biomaterial manufacturer looks for bio-based adhesive

A biomaterial manufacturer, based in Canada, was faced by the challenge of finding a bio-based, preferably compostable or biodegradable adhesive for backing of their natural fiber composite products. They contacted us at adhesives+coatings to ease the search for the right solution.

The biomaterial manufacturer serves the North American market of natural fiber composites used in interiors and consumer products. They were in need of a new bio-based adhesive for a product to be launched shortly. The adhesive they normally used caused significant issues, making it an invalid option. Fortunately, our network included suitable adhesive suppliers capable of solving the problem.

Adhesive specifications and a suitable supplier

The Canadian company was looking for a PSA, low temperature thermoplastic or thermoset adhesive to attach the backing to the natural fiber material. The adhesive needed to be compostable or biodegradable, to support their focus on environmental sustainability. Additionally, the adhesive was ideally applied in a film or web form.

As biodegradable and compostable adhesives are rather new and there are not many certified manufacturers, our options were limited to a couple of members of our network. In order to make the right choice, we needed to know a little more about the required specifications of the adhesive.

Connecting with a bio-based adhesive supplier

After receiving more information on the substrates that required bonding, the available application methods and curing time as well as application and service temperatures, we selected an adhesive supplier within our network and forwarded the enquiry and specifications.

The adhesive manufacturer specializes in water based biodegradable and compostable systems. They had some additional questions to the Canadian company to make sure their products were suitable for the application.

Adhesive testing on the natural fiber composite in Canada

After exchanging details of the materials that require bonding and the possible bonding solution, the Canadian manufacturer and the bio-based adhesive supplier decided to proceed to testing. Currently, the adhesive is being tested on the biomaterial to determine its suitability. Once the results are confirmed, the adhesive is ready to be shipped to Canada.

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