Compostable pressure sensitive adhesive India

Compostable pressure sensitive adhesive India

Indian sanitary pad producer seeks compostable pressure sensitive adhesive

At AdhesivePlatform we received an enquiry for compostable pressure sensitive adhesive from an Indian sanitary pad manufacturer. The company looked for an adhesive solution to stick menstrual pads to underpants. What makes the case special, is that the pads are a 100% compostable, which requires compostability of the adhesive, too.

Finding best compostable PSA adhesive for the manufacturer

In order to connect this Indian manufacturer with the best possible adhesive solution, we needed additional information regarding the sanitary pads, application process and requirements set for the adhesive.

The adhesive is needed for compostable menstrual pads which compose of PLA biopolymer and knitted cotton. After gaining information on the specific application and service temperatures, level of automation of the application process as well as required curing time, we were able to connect the enquiry from India with an adhesive manufacturer who specializes in biodegradable and compostable systems for packaging.

Compostable pressure sensitive adhesive for menstrual pads in India

Even though the adhesive manufacturer specializes in providing compostable solutions for the packaging industry, it was possible to modify one of their pressure sensitive adhesives to suit the needs of the pad manufacturer in India. We connected the two companies with each other, and currently they are running tests on the material and modifying the adhesive to provide the best possible solution which complies with the required standards.

Pressure sensitive adhesive India - increased need for compostable solutions

Compostable and biodegradable adhesive solutions are becoming more and more interesting for many industries world wide. It all started with the packaging industry opting for maximum sustainability and recyclability. However, other industries have followed since: especially hygiene products benefit from compostable adhesives. In India, the demand for compostable solutions is also growing rapidly and new, greener solutions are sought in many industries.

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