Automated adhesive application equipment for construction products

construction product installed using automated adhesive application equipment

Construction product manufacturer seeks automated adhesive application equipment

Most of the time we are approached by companies that need an adhesive system. However, sometimes, the adhesive system already exists, but the application method and equipment are yet to be defined. Recently, we were contacted by a construction product manufacturer that is willing to improve their products and enhance production. In order to do so, they require automated adhesive application equipment to replace the currently used manual system.

As our network does not include many application machinery manufacturers, we have not been able to connect this enquiry yet. Nevertheless, we are continuously looking for possible solutions and suppliers. We are also interested in any tips and suggestions!

What is required from the automatic adhesive application equipment

The current construction product of the company has European fire rating B-s1, d0 and it is not suitable for use on high-rise buildings which exceed a certain height. Therefore, the company has designed a new, similar product which has a better fire rating of A2-s1, d0, which allows applications in taller buildings.

The adhesive is a construction epoxy which needs to be applied to the construction product without exceeding the maximum calorific value per square meter. The automated application equipment must also allow for precise application and specific patterns. Most importantly, the purpose of the automatic adhesive application equipment is to increase the production efficiency allowing for a larger number of products made in a short period of time. Contact us to get more detailed information on the enquiry.

Looking for a solution – Do you have one?

As we have not yet been able to connect this enquiry with an adhesive application machinery supplier, we are open for any suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us if your company is interested in providing the application equipment for the construction product manufacturer!

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