Automated glue application machine for stone strips

New machine enables automated glue application for prefabricated panels

Traditional masonry construction is a time consuming process which involves high transportation costs and possible installation delay due to the weather conditions. The masonry walls also need a lot of space. Fortunately, similar results can be achieved using prefabricated panel systems which are much lighter in weight. That is why the panels are common in facade renovations and refurbishments. However, they are also suitable for new buildings. These panels can be made either manually attaching brick strips on a panel backing board or by using an automated glue applicator. The applicator provides the strips with adhesive dots and places them on the backing board. The automated glue application machine is by far more efficient than manual assembly of the panels. 

Easy and efficient installation of prefabricated panel systems

The new automated glue application machine is suitable for making prefabricated panel systems of common masonry materials. These include for example brick strips, stone, natural stone, tiles, mosaic and glass. It makes it possible to manufacture prefabricated wall panel systems in a conditioned environment. This results in fast paced production and a neat end result of consistent quality. The prefabricated panels can be further processed, packed and easily delivered to the site. The installation can take place in almost any weather conditions. Compared to brickwork, the installation of the panels is also easy even on high rise buildings. 

Benefits of the automated adhesive application machine

If a building has an old brickwork facade that needs maintenance or a change of color, or the facade needs increase in safety in case of fire, it is good to consider replacing the brickwork with prefabricated panels. Better yet, if the panels are made using an automated glue application machine, the renovation is possible in a short period of time. 

The new adhesive application technique allows for making prefabricated panels faster, and automatic application of an adhesive on the stone strip. This machine is suitable for making prefabricated panels with most types of brick slips, stone, glass and ceramic strips. The finished panels are suitable for both new buildings and refurbishments (renovations). Depending on the materials, interior and exterior wall panels can be made. 

The most important benefits summarized

  • Suitable for different adhesive systems: a controlled and beforehand determined load of  the adhesive is dotted on the backing board in one pass in which the stone strip is placed on the adhesive. The machine does not limit to one type of adhesive, but it can vary depending on which materials require bonding.
  • Versatile in use: the machine is suitable for creating different kinds of wall panels. These include for example interior and exterior cladding for new buildings, recladding walls as well as infill panels and soffits.
  • Increased efficiency: this automated glue application machine enables smarter building solutions, faster and requiring less experienced people.  
  • Traditional looks: using this machine allows for the prefabricated panel systems to follow any traditional architectural style. Also more modern looks are achievable. 
  • Neat end results: gluing the brick strips to the panels in a controlled environment, guarantees neat results. 
  • Reduced costs: last but not least, automated glue application in the process of making prefab wall panels can reduce costs. As these panels require less materials, they weigh less, which reduces transportation costs. Not to mention that the high degree of automation requires less skilled manpower.

Efficiency beyond compare with automated glue applicator

The choice of the application method and equipment is often the key to a successful adhesive application. This is also true for making prefabricated wall panel systems. Traditionally the assembly of the prefabricated panel systems is manual and includes applying the adhesive and the brick strips. Using this method and an adhesive such as masonry veneer mortar, the average speed is about 1 square meter per employee per hour. On the other hand, the new automated glue application system for panels allows for an average speed of 20 square meters per hour, and requires two machine operators.

Investment paid back within three years

It goes without saying that the initial investment is significantly higher if one chooses for an automated glue applicator. However, the investment is calculated to be paid back within three years. Less skilled people are needed and the production is sped up. In those three years you will have finished 10 times the work you would have using a manual system.

Interested in the automated glue application machine for making prefabricated panels?

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