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vehicle assembly using transport adhesive sealant

An indian vehicle manufacturer looks for a cost efficient adhesive sealant

An Indian vehicle manufacturer recently contacted us to enquire about a more cost efficient alternative to the adhesive sealant they are currently using to prevent air and water ingress in their vehicles. The currently used adhesive sealant performs at a satisfactory level, however, the costs are becoming unacceptable for the Indian manufacturer. Therefore, an alternative transport adhesive sealant was needed.

The currently used adhesive sealant

To make the switch between products as easy as possible for the Indian vehicle manufacturer, we needed some additional information on the current product and its characteristics. The company provided us with data indicating that the currently used product is a single component system which allows for primerless adhesion. Additionally this adhesive sealant is free of solvents and has good UV resistance.

As regards the application itself, the transport adhesive sealant is applied in order to bond metal to metal and seal the joints preventing air and water ingress. This and the aforementioned characteristics were considered when we looked for an alternative product and supplier within our network.

Finding an alternative transport adhesive sealant

As we received the information on the currently used transport adhesive sealant, we narrowed down the options to suitable suppliers and products. After contacting a manufacturer of transport adhesives sealants, which specializes in transport adhesive sealant systems, we decided to introduce the company to the Indian vehicle manufacturer.

Product details were exchanged and the two companies agreed on starting testing with one of the transport adhesive sealants. A sample was sent to India, so that the product could be tested on the actual materials. The adhesive sealant system in question is a one component system which can be applied using the same equipment as the currently used product. Finally, this product is slightly cheaper especially when ordered in large volumes. Curious for the solution? Contact us to find out which adhesive sealant solved the problem in India.

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2. Collecting information and clarifying specifications

3. Looking for supplier in our database

4. Introducing the client to the potential adhesive or sealant supplier

5. Exchange of technical details between supplier and end-user

6. Sample testing and advise on system specific methods

7. Sales and delivery

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