Lightweight adhesive USA

Lightweight adhesive USA

Lightweight adhesive needed in the USA electric vehicle development

As the automotive industry has been striving for environmentally friendly vehicles for several decades, demand for new types of adhesives grows. We were recently contacted by an electric vehicle developer that enquired about a lightweight adhesive for a prototype. This US based manufacturer is working on a prototype of an electric vehicle which aims at being exceptional due to its extremely light weight. In order to reduce weight as much as possible, a lightweight adhesive that bonds lightweight materials was needed.

Specifications to define the best lightweight adhesive

In order to find the best possible lightweight adhesive system for the specific application, we needed some additional information on the specifications. After having learned that the adhesive must be both lightweight and able to bond lightweight materials we were provided with more specifications. The adhesive should be fast curing in order to prepare for possible fast paced mass production as well as supporting the use of more and more lightweight materials such as composites, honeycomb panels and PUR foam.

Thanks to recent developments in the automotive adhesives sector, we knew just the adhesive that would provide the perfect results in this application.

Solution: new fast curing chemistry

Not too long ago a chemistry known from fast curing coatings was successfully adopted to formulate adhesives that cure extremely fast and are lightweight. This revolutionary bonding technology relies on polyurea and it has reached North America.

Polyurea adhesives cure in a matter of seconds, are lightweight and require less adhesive for strong bonds than comparable structural adhesives. We shared this information with the US based electric vehicle developer, and they were very positive about the properties. Currently, the polyurea manufacturer and the vehicle developer are in contact in order to define whether polyureas is the right lightweight adhesive for the application.

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