Hot melt body panel adhesive Germany

hot melt body panel adhesive being applied to vehicle frame

German vehicle manufacturer in need of a hot melt body panel adhesive

The transport and vehicles industry is continuously challenged by the need for lighter, greener and more efficiently produced machines. A German transport vehicle manufacturer recently contacted us to enquire about body panel adhesives to produce lighter weight vehicles in an increased efficiency assembly line.

To increase efficiency the company is looking to switch to hot melt body panel adhesive. They are looking for a system that bonds dissimilar materials, as the weight reduction of vehicles involves metal to composite material bonds. In order to find the best system for the application, we at adhesives+coatings looked into our network of transport adhesive manufacturers.

Looking for a transport adhesive manufacturer for German company

After having found the most suitable hot melt body panel adhesive manufacturer, we contacted the company in Germany with some further questions to confirm the match. They provided us with detailed information on the characteristics and bonding needs of the metal and composite material. Additionally, they shared the required adhesive specifications regarding melting point, curing time and temperature.

We passed on the information to the potential hot melt adhesive supplier and got a positive response: their hot melt body panel adhesive seemed to fit the needs of the German manufacturer. We introduced these two companies to each other to further evaluate possibilities for cooperation.

Adhesive testing and technical support in Germany

In order to make sure the hot melt adhesive delivers satisfactory results, some tests needed to be run on the actual materials. The German manufacturer wished to invest in a hotmelt adhesive application system, but not before the best adhesive was determined. Therefore the initial testing on the metal and composite material was carried out in the laboratory of the adhesive supplier.

The tests showed positive results concerning the curing process (time and temperature) as well as strength of the bonds when applied to the specific materials. The German transport vehicle manufacturer is currently making adjustments to their assembly line in order to include hot melt body panel adhesives. The adhesive supplier is monitoring the process and offering full technical support to get the new, improved line up and running.

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