Biodegradable wood panel glue Australia

biodegradable wood panel glue australia in mdf

Biodegradable wood panel glue for a housing project in Australia

As sustainability and green adhesive solutions are the trend of today, we have been receiving an increased amount of enquiries for biodegradable and compostable solutions. The most recent enquiry comes from an Australian wood panel manufacturer, who is looking for a biodegradable wood panel glue for panels to be used in recyclable houses. The project is planned to take place in Australia.

We found the enquiry unusually interesting and were happy to take on the challenge. Biodegradability and compostability are not yet very common characteristics of wood panel glue, but the demand is certainly growing.

Strong, biodegradable, compostable…

Before starting to look for a suitable adhesive system and a supplier, we requested some additional details regarding the wood panels and the glue. It turned out the adhesive should form strong bonds, be biodegradable, preferably even compostable, and it should be easy to apply forming bonds when subject to heat and pressure. The solution should be a single component biodegradable wood panel glue.

With this information we approach several potential suppliers within our network. As anticipated, none of them could provide the solution that meets all the requirements (bonding strength and compostability) of the Australian company. We were not ready to give up, nonetheless.

Looking for a biodegradable wood panel glue for Australia

Despite the fact that none of the current members of our network is capable of providing a biodegradable wood panel glue at the moment, we keep looking for a solution. We came to an agreement with the Australian manufacturer to keep the enquiry open for further research on potential solutions. We recently started a cooperation together with a research institute and a university, both part of our network, to work towards a new kind of adhesive: one that meets all the requirements for the project in Australia.

Open for information

As AdhesivePlatform is dedicated to connecting supply and demand within the adhesives and sealants industry, we are determined to find a solution even for the most complex enquiries. Might you be able to help us out with finding a biodegradable wood panel adhesive, we are open for conversation. On the other hand, if you yourself have an enquiry, feel free to contact us.

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