Bio-based textile tape for outdoor clothing

Bio-based textile tape for outdoor clothing

Bio-based textile tape for sealing seams in outdoor clothing

Sustainability plays an ever-greater role in many industries, also in clothing production as bio-based textiles are becoming more common. We were recently approached by an outdoor clothing manufacturer who was looking for a waterproof and bio-based textile tape to seal seams of outdoor clothing.

The bio-based textile tape had to be made of natural materials and preferably include a biodegradable clothing adhesive. Furthermore, the tape had to be waterproof in order to seal the seams. Despite the rather clear enquiry, we decided to ask for some more specifications, which allowed us to connect the clothing manufacturer with the best possible bio tape solution.

Bio-based textiles tape specifications

After asking for more information regarding the needed tape system and bio-based textiles, we knew we were looking for a waterproof, bio-based textile tape with a clothing adhesive that is activated by heat and/or pressure. The material the tape should adhere to was oil treated cotton, and the application was likely to be manual or semi automatic.

With this information we could narrow down possible bio-based textiles tape suppliers, and started to contact different companies within our network. The possible solutions ranged from biodegradable pressure sensitive adhesive to modified medical tape for surgical drapes.

From bio tape samples, testing and prototypes towards placing an order

Having weighed the options we decided to introduce the bio tape enquiry to a couple of potential suppliers of bio-based textile tape. It turned out, only one of them was able to provide a solution to the problem of the outdoor clothing manufacturer.

This textile tape supplier was introduced to the clothing manufacturer, and they are currently discussing samples, testing and prototypes in order to confirm compatibility of the clothinng adhesive, bio tape and cotton. Once the compatibility and performance have been assessed and confirmed, an order can be placed.

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2. Collecting information and clarifying specifications

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4. Introducing the client to the potential adhesive or sealant supplier

5. Exchange of technical details between supplier and end-user

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7. Sales and delivery

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