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airport sealant for runway joints

A contractor seeks a sealant for airport project in Germany

A contractor who specializes in concrete and asphalt surfaces recently contacted us as they were looking for a sealant for a project at an airport in Germany. The contractor was responsible for concrete and asphalt on docks, loading and gate areas as well as taxiways, ramps and runway construction including take off and touch down zone. For this purpose, they needed a sealant that is suitable for joints between asphalt and concrete. Additionally, this airport sealant had to be extremely durable to decrease the need for joint maintenance.

Characteristics of the airport sealant needed in Germany

As airports usually require sealants that are chemical and abrasion resistant as well as have an excellent load bearing capacity, also the German contractor enquired about a similar system. However, as expansion joints between asphalt, concrete and asphaltic concrete needed to be filled and sealed, the sealant options were limited.

In order to connect the contractor with the best possible sealant supplier, we needed more detailed information on the planned application methods and the service environment of the sealant regarding present chemicals, estimated level of traffic as well as expected temperature extremes and fluctuation. Additionally, the German contractor informed us that they would prefer an environmentally friendly solution.

The solution: MS polymer as an airport sealant

After having received the aforementioned information on the project and product requirements, we started to look for a potential sealant supplier within our network. The search did not take long: our partner, an adhesive and sealant manufacturer, specializes in solutions for infrastructure, and had several products perfect for the joints at the airport in Germany. As the enquiry included several areas of the airport with different requirements, more than one sealant was needed.

We introduced the German contractor to the sealant supplier and both parties were positive that the sealants would do the job. As the expansion joints that needed sealing were between dissimilar materials that react differently to temperature changes, a special sealant was needed. The sealant supplier suggested MS polymer sealants, which are extremely durable but remain flexible allowing for movement without cracking. Also known for resistance to fuels, MS polymer sealants are environmentally friendly, as they do not contain any isocyanates, solvents or silicone.

Product delivery and technical support

The contractor and sealant exchanged project and product data and agreed on the suitability of the suggested sealants. An order was placed and the airport sealants were delivered to Germany where they were applied to the expansion joints by the contractor. The sealant supplier provided technical support to ensure no mistakes were made during application.

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