Adhesive for railcar seats Australia

Adhesive for railcar seats Australia

Safety increasing adhesive for seats in railcars for Australian company

An Australian vehicle seat manufacturer recently contacted us at AdhesivePlatform, and asked our assistance for finding an adhesive for railcar seats to be installed in a passenger train. The company was looking for an adhesive which bonds the seat upholstery in an efficient way and offers a sufficient level of chemical resistance as well as contributes to safety by being fire retardant.

The rail vehicle seats are designed to be easy to clean and comfortable, using a leather-like material as upholstery bonded to a foam filling. Additionally, the seats must contribute to fire safety on board. Thus, the Australian company needed a foam bonding adhesive resistant to specific cleaning chemicals. Additionally, the adhesive had to comply with and exceed fire safety regulations by fire retardant properties.

Fire resistant adhesive for rail vehicle seats in Australia

In order to introduce the Australian company to the best possible adhesive supplier, we asked them to provide us with more information on the project and adhesive specifications. After learning the required levels of fire retardancy and chemical resistance as well as preferred application method, curing time and further processing procedure of the seats we selected a foam bonding adhesive supplier in our network. The supplier offers a wide range of adhesives for transport vehicles and foam bonding, including adhesives for seats in passenger vehicles.

Our contact person in the adhesive company could immediately think of a suitable adhesive system for the Australian rail vehicles seats. Nevertheless, they still required more details on the materials, required adhesive and finished products. We introduced the two companies to each other, and they exchanged further details and identified the national and international standards the adhesive must comply with.

Testing and determining level of fire retardancy

Even a certified fire retardant adhesive must be tested on the actual materials to ensure the adhesive performs as wished in case of fire, and reaches the desired level of fire protection. At the moment the adhesive supplier and Australian rail vehicle seat manufacturer are agreeing on testing procedures. Once the adhesive has been tested with positive results, the two companies are moving towards order, product delivery and production.

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