Packaging industry faces demand for high-performance standards and sustainability

multilayer paper bag with packaging industry adhesive

performance and sustainability challenge packaging industry

The packaging industry has been experiencing significant growth having reached US$231 billion in 2018. Stimulated by the growth, the industry is facing several challenges for the future. Increasing consumer demand for more convenient, user-friendly food packaging, such as complex multilayer pouches, frozen food packaging ready to be reheated, and hot-fill packaging, drives the quest for new materials and designs, supported by unique adhesives that ensure product freshness, high performance, and regulatory compliance. Some of the newest innovations include compostable pressure sensitive adhesives and biobased heat seal solutions. The demand for high performace and increased sustainability has also encourage development a 100% biodegradable adhesive.

Suitable packaging adhesive is tested and approved

While many adhesive manufacturers claim their materials to be suitable for food packaging applications, the adhesive might simply meet the physical performance requirements for the package, while it has not been tested for the specific packaging application. The use of untested adhesives in packaging and labels can result in contamination, leading to widespread negative media attention, lawsuits, lasting public censure, and permanent damage to brand reputations. So, converters and brand owners must ensure that the adhesive selected is suitable for the application. Transparency should be incorporated into every aspect of a product’s development, including packaging. It is this collective concentration on safety and compliance that will result in competitive advantage and confidence throughout the value chain.

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