Adhesive labels conquer the plant growing industry

adhesive labels for plant industry

One-sticker-tells-all adhesive labels

The end of the traditional plastic tags, stakes and picks in the plant growing and selling industry is near. Thanks to the development of label printers, which allow for adhesive labels, and applicators driving them out of the market.

A significant shift is taking place towards the use of one-sticker-tells-all adhesive labels attached directly to pots, as opposed to using one or more labels pushed into the soil on spikes to identify different plants. As Advantage Label and Packaging informs, adhesive labels allowed for providing customers with naming, pricing and growing information, and could be easily applied to pots before mass planting began.

Reducing plastics opens new doors for adhesive labels

The labels market is currently challenged by need for high performance, sustainable products which encourages reduction of plastics. This move away from plastic not only relates to increasing customer concern about the environmental impact of the disposal of the traditional plastic spiked tags. It also streamlined the business, and cut the costs in terms of both the tags and the labour needed to tag individual plants.

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