Proper storage of epoxy adhesives supports efficiency

Proper storage of epoxy adhesives supports efficiency

Proper Storage of epoxy adhesives for efficiency

Epoxy adhesives are widely used throughout industries due to their many benefits. To ensure that the adhesives retain the benefits and their functionality, it is crucial to consider the product-specific storage requirements of each system.

Storage of one and two component epoxy adhesives

When storing one and two component epoxies, the product-specific requirements must be taken into account. However, for all epoxies, the storage area must be well-ventilated. Ideal storage temperature, in turn, varies per product. For example one part epoxies are usually stored between between 5°C and 10°C (40°F and 50°F), and they must be brought to ambient temperature prior to application. 2K epoxy adhesives, for their part, are generally stored in drier areas and higher temperatures, usually between 20°C - 25°C (68°F - 77°F).

An exception is premixed 2K epoxy which must be stored frozen, in -40°C (-40°F), to let it retain its functionality for 6 months. The premixed epoxy is melted prior to application and can neither be refrozen nor reused, as it cures in room temperature.

Other factors to consider with epoxy glues

To further improve the efficiency of epoxy based adhesives, it is important to be aware of the date of manufacture, and ensure product containers are closed properly with the correct lids. Also machinery and equipment should be thoroughly cleaned between products to avoid cross-contamination. Additional attention is required when storing flammable and hazardous materials.