Construction adhesives and sealants adapt to the new situation

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Covid-19 brings up new trends in construction adhesives and sealants

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 many things have changed including the demand in several industries. In order to survive, the companies within these industries are adapting to the new situation by adjusting their product portfolio. One of the industries affected by the pandemic is construction. Many large projects have been canceled, and smaller sectors such as DIY remodeling and multi-family reconstructions create more demand. Therefore, the construction adhesives and sealants industry has also shifted towards these trends.

New trends in construction adhesives

The increased interest in DIY construction projects and home remodeling has resulted in growth in demand for fast and strong adhesives. The most wanted construction adhesives of the moment provide instant grab especially for vertical applications, as well as for bonding tough and heavy materials such as stone tiles. The need for fast application makes the demand for hybrid adhesives grow: they deliver quicker bonds and do not require clamping and bracing.

For new constructions, heavy remodeling and drywall and subfloor installations power and durability are also trending factors. However, professionals are also asking for adhesives which improve efficiency, are easy to apply, have low odor and are fast and easy to clean up.

Changes in demand towards different sealants

When it comes to sealants, both professionals and DIYers are looking for performance and durability as well as efficiency, easy application and special features to optimize those properties.

The current situation has not changed the requirements for sealants as much as it has for construction adhesives. As always, sealants are wanted to have strong adhesion to multiple substrates including composite, wood and metals as well as fiber cement. The construction sealants should also be durable and long-lasting as well as resistant to the elements. Additionally, sealants for larger gaps and those with higher joint movement and flexibility are increasingly popular as they allow for contraction and expansion without loss of adhesion or risk of cracking.

Professionals are additionally looking for construction sealants which can be applied in low temperatures or high humidity, and can be painted after application. Easy processing, including application and clean-up, are also high on the wish list.

Bringing out new products, adjusting labeling and more solutions

As the needs and wants of the buyers have changed, construction adhesives and sealants manufacturers have responded to the change by adjusting their product portfolios. Some manufacturers have also changed their product packaging and labeling so that it is easier for non-professionals to find the right products for specific applications.