Tannic acid hardeners – Cutting costs and boosting durability

tannic acid hardeners research in laboratorium

Tannic acid in adhesives researched by Purdue University

Currently, tannic acid is used in numerous sectors such as leather tannic, medical treatments, ink manufacture and as flavoring for some beverages. In the US, Purdue University has recently conducted research on the substance and concluded that tannic acid hardeners could provide adhesives, coatings and composite materials with beneficial properties. According to the researchers, the acid could also contribute to lower costs and process sustainability.

Contribution to adhesive sustainability

Tannic acid would be used as a hardener to the polymers in adhesives and coatings in order to allow for stability and rigidity in high temperature environments. The researchers report that using tannic acid hardeners would also reduce the material cost as well as add to the durability of adhesives, coatings and composite materials. At the same time, the environmental impact of adhesives, structural composites, insulating materials, coatings and electronic components which use epoxy polymer would be decreased.

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