Plasmatreat contributes to Covid-19 test kit manufacturing

Plasmatreat contributes to Covid-19 test kit manufacturing

Plasmatreat extends its services to the fight against the pandemic

For many years, Plasmatreat USA Inc. has been a supplier and manufacturing partner to the medical device industry. The company's core competence has always been surface modification for various purposes such as wetting, improved cell attachment and general adhesion promotion. 

Treating parts in Covid-19 test kits

Plasmatreat recently took on a new challenge created by the pandemic: they were asked to treat 500.000 parts that go into a Covid-19 test kit. As the enquiry was urgent, Plasmatreat accepted the challenge and added equipment to their laboratory as well as built a safe work environment where their employees can process the parts safely and fast. Plasmatreat, additionally, treats materials used for PPE and parts involved in coronavirus vaccine developments. 

Sterilization units for PPE

In addition, the company is working on sterilization units for PPE, including face masks and ventilator pipes, using only electricity and air. As Red Cross testing in Germany is under way and governmental approvals have been applied for, the first machines are expected to be available in May.