New flexible concrete sealant for fast repairs

New flexible concrete sealant for fast repairs

New sealant for repairing concrete when the time is limited

Concrete surfaces are durable, but may occasionally suffer from splits, cracks and spalls affecting the safety and appearance of the surface. A new fast-drying sealant has been developed to quickly repair that kind of damage on concrete surfaces. The same product can also be used for securing threading and anchoring in concrete surfaces.

3M concrete sealant cures fast and can be painted

The concrete sealant is primarily suitable for use by contractors, but allows also for DIY projects. Developed by 3M, the flexible sealant expands while curing, and will neither shrink nor crack when applied to any depth. The sealant is self-leveling when slightly overfilled, and it cures in 5 minutes, can be sanded after 15 minutes after application and allows for painting within an hour.

3M reports that the concrete sealant is solvent-free and suitable for use in construction, shop floors, stairways and walkways. The product can be applied with a common caulking gun, which makes it accessible also for DIY projects.