Lijm Event 2019

Lijm Event brings all aspects of industrial bonding together

It is time for the 6th edition of the Lijm Event! The event is organized by Dutch Mikrocentrum, and it focuses on industrial adhesive bonding. The event brings together distributors and manufacturers of industrial adhesive systems, research and educational institutions as well as surface treatment and material processing professionals. The event offers complete overview of pros and cons of industrial adhesive bonding.

Industrial adhesives are used in ever wider variety of applications. Therefore, it is crucial for the engineers to make the right choice of bonding system. If you are curious about which adhesive system is the best for your project, or want to know how industrial glues are processed, make sure to attend the Lijm Event on October 1st 2019!

Industrial adhesive bonding solutions become more and more important

For the past years industrial adhesive bonding has gained more ground in general and specific applications. This is not a wonder as adhesives make invisible bonds, speed up processes, are cheaper and easier to process than mechanical fasteners and effectively bond dissimilar materials. Especially in metal bonding applications adhesives prevent corrosion and can remarkable reduce the weight of the finished product.

However, to choose the most suitable adhesive for a specific application, one must be aware of all ins and outs of the product and process. At Lijm Event you have the chance to listen to professional speakers, discover the industrial adhesives and bonding processes as well as broaden your network.

Professional speakers and international exhibitors

The Lijm Event offers a unique opportunity to learn from the top players of the industry. Speakers from different organizations share their knowledge about a great variety of topics including adhesive durability testing, underwater gluing, importance of controlled adhesive application and many more hot topics of the moment.

Next to the speakers numerous international exhibitors are present in Lijm Event. These include Sika, Nordson and 3M, Mavom, Flanders Make and many more organization which activities are adhesive-related. During the event, the organizations give pitches and present their products and latest innovations in the areas of adhesives, industrial bonding and adhesive processing.

Get your tickets to Lijm Event and learn all about industrial adhesive bonding

Mikrocentrum where lijm event takes place
Lijm Event takes place in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, in the Mikrocentrum building.

In 2019, Lijm Event takes place on the 1st of October in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Get more information and purchase your tickets on Mikrocentrum’s website.

About the organizer Mikrocentrum

Mikrocentrum is a Dutch organization which offers assistance in increasing knowledge, expanding networks, improving business processes and strengthening competitive position of companies. Their key activities include training, events and business.

Mikrocentrum offers over 150 course titles at intermediate vocational, higher vocational and academic levels. They also organize nine large trade fairs annually focussing on product and company presentation, lectures and networking. Lijm Event is one of these big events.

High Tech Platform is maintained by Mikrocentrum, and it offers organizations the opportunity to gain more visibility and expand their commercial technology network. Currently High tech Platform has over 600 member companies.