LATICRETE introduces a revolutionary pre-mixed grout

LATICRETE introduces a revolutionary pre-mixed grout

Coming in 2020 - superior pre-mixed grout for tiles

LATICRETE has announced to bring a superior pre-mixed grout to the market in the beginning of 2020. Even though, pre mixed grout systems do not have the best of reputations when it comes to tile and stone applications in wet and humid areas, this new grout is described as durable, easy to apply and as strong as epoxy grout. The pre-mixed system is claimed to be evolutionary, as it can be applied to seams between tiles and stones in showers, other wet areas and even pools without the risk of discoloration or soft seams.

Fast and easy tiling with pre-mixed grout

Carrying the name Spectralock 1, the system is based on a trusted multi component system by LATICRETE. The new pre-mixed grout, however, will make the time consuming mixing and time sensitive application of epoxy based systems in the past. Steam resistant, stain proof and chemical resistant, Spectralock 1 does not contain any epoxy resins, making it more environmentally friendly and less likely to cause allergic reactions.

The first pre-mixed system that complies with ANSI 118.3

Now for the first time ever a pre-mixed grouting system meets the requirements set in ANSI 118.3, the American National Standard specifications for chemical resistant, water cleanable tile setting and grouting epoxy. Spectralock 1 has been tested for shear strength, compressive strength, tensile strength and thermal shock, and it is claimed to exceed the norms.

Due to the compliance with ANSI 118.3, the new pre-mixed grout for tiles is also approved for commercial applications. According to the manufacturer, the system will be available in the late first quarter of 2020. Watch the video below to get a taste of this new release.