Infrastructure development and construction benefit global polysulfide sealants market

polysulfide sealants market boosted by infrastructure development

Boost in demand for 2K polysulfide sealants market

In 2018, the worth of the global polysulfide sealants market was over a billion dollars, and the market is still growing at a significant rate. In the period 2019-2029, sizable opportunities are expected, especially regarding 2 component polysulfide sealants which account for more than 70% of the consumption of global polysulfide sealants.

Polysulfide sealants for civil engineering & infrastructure grow fastest

The fastest growing segment of 2K polysulfide sealants is forecast to be civil engineering and infrastructure as well as commercial applications. These are expected to account for three quarters of the total volume. The applications include bridges, roads and tunnels as well as airports, ports, landfill construction and parking garages.

East Asia and mature markets dominate the growth

Geographically seen, the most growth in polysulfide sealants is likely to take place in East Asia which reportedly is a top-consuming market. Other geographical markets where the consumption of polysulfide sealants is expected to be high are the more mature ones: North America and Europe which together are projected to generate $200 million over the forecast period. Additionally, fast paced construction activities and developments in infrastructure in emerging markets such as China and India are likely to boost the demand for and growth of polysulfide sealants.

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