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AdhesivePlatform launches to serve the North American market

AdhesivePlatform connects the supply and demand of adhesives and sealants online globally, and now also locally through Glues domains. The first of the local extensions to go live is which is designed to serve the North American adhesives and sealants market.

At first focuses on four main categories which are tiles, transport, sustainability and packaging. The website offers free information on different glues and sealants used in these fields. Additionally, just like on AdhesivePlatform, a possibility to get in touch with adhesive and sealant manufacturers is offered. aims at improving adhesive and sealant sales works like AdhesivePlatform, only supply and demand of adhesives is connected locally focussing on the North American market. The local site falls under AdhesivePlatform, an independent, specialized and leading authority in the adhesives and sealants market. The same experienced team is behind the set up and functioning of contributing with their in-depth industry knowledge as well as experience in digital media, sales and strategy development.

Search engine optimized product campaigns targeted to end-users of adhesives and sealants are offered, and they can be tailored to the needs of the manufacturer. Based on the campaigns, data and sales lead reporting is provided together with end-user identification and validation. The overall goal of is to boost the adhesive and sealant sales in North America.

Further extensions to AdhesivePlatform

In 2020 AdhesivePlatform is further expanding its reach by launching more local websites that serve as means of connecting supply and demand of adhesives and sealants. Next to already launched, and are going to be launched in the near future.

Visit to find out what we can do for you in the North American adhesives and sealants market, or contact us for international enquiries by clicking on the button below.

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