Adhesive manufacturers step in to support healthcare

Adhesive manufacturers step in to support healthcare

Adhesive manufacturers support healthcare by helping out suppliers

After the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed as though no one was prepared. Despite all the stress the situation is putting on businesses and their team members, also new opportunities have emerged. Many businesses have adjusted their products and processes in order to support healthcare the best they can. Adhesives manufacturers have proven to be a great support for these businesses as they help guarantee the production of as many quality products as possible in a short period of time. With the help of adhesive manufacturers healthcare can now rely on a larger supply of personal protection equipment (PPE).

More equipment to healthcare thanks to adhesive technology

Up until now many manufacturing businesses have already adjusted their products and operations to allow them to provide healthcare with much needed personal protection equipment. However, this has required changes in the production process, which in many cases has proven the process inefficient. In order to increase the efficiency some adhesive manufacturers have stepped in to provide the businesses with their knowledge of adhesive technology as well as suitable application equipment and adhesive systems.

A real life example

Systematics, a manufacturer that specialized in displays, signage, fixtures, and kiosks, recently adjusted their operations and started using their production facilities to make face shields, intubation safety boxes and safety partitions. At first, they made the personal protection equipment by hand using a hot glue gun. However, they soon realized the production could be faster and received help from an adhesive manufacturer Chicago Glues which promised to help them increase efficiency by leveraging adhesive technology.

Chicago Glues introduced automatic equipment and conveyor belts to Systematics,which allowed them to double their face shield production. Systematics is now producing about 6000 face shields per production line per shift whereas they used to make a total of 3000 shields during one shift. Read the full case study here.