Anchoring adhesive for wooden furniture

particleboard made stronger with reinforcement and anchoring adhesive

New anchoring adhesive makes sustainable furniture

Many industries strive for sustainable, green solutions and reduced carbon footprint: furniture making is no exception. Therefore, the use of lighter and greener materials such as different wood based panels is ever increasing. However, the panels often have rather low density, which can make them weak. Fortunately, a new, one-of-a-kind reinforcement adhesive has been invented to solve the problem and make the lighter materials used in furniture making stronger. Reinforcing wood panels with the new anchoring adhesive brings along many benefits and opens unique opportunities to the industry as a whole.

Next to being the groundbreaking solutions for material weakness, the new anchoring adhesive for wood panel reinforcements is fast, strong and light: all properties that benefit the furniture making process and finished products.

4 ways to reinforce wood based panels with anchoring adhesive

As wood based panels tend to be rather light and have relatively low density, they may also be considered weak. The lowest density panels such as particle board can be reinforced as a whole but also higher density boards such as MDF and plywood can benefit from anchoring adhesive as local reinforcement which often carried out to enable fastener applications. All the furniture that is made of wood based panels such as closets, kitchen fittings, cupboards and shelves can benefit from this revolutionary reinforcement adhesive.

There are four ways the new anchoring adhesive can be applied when reinforcing wood based panels.

anchor made with reinforcement adhesive in pur foam
The reinforcement and anchoring adhesive can be used to make anchors for fasteners in porous materials.
  1. Anchor for fastening points: the anchor adhesive can be injected into low density fiberboard or other wood panels locally, in order to create an adhesive anchor for fasteners. The adhesive flows into the material, penetrating it and curing in a matter of seconds. The fasteners can be placed immediately after applying the anchoring adhesive.
  2. Compaction of panel edges: also the edges of the particle board panels can be treated with this anchoring adhesive in order to increase profile machining and improve material resistance.
  3. In situ casting: casting of inner geometry can be done for positioning and fastening purposes.
  4. Reinforcement of complete panels: some wood based panels such as OSB (oriented strand board) are made using an adhesive to keep the wood particles together. This new anchoring adhesive can replace the originally used adhesive and result in a significantly lighter panel.

Note that this adhesive is new to the market and is likely to be suitable for many more applications also outside the furniture making industry: for example reinforcing honeycomb panels used in doors is possible. The anchoring adhesive can also be modified in terms of elasticity, adhesion profile and final strength. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think the properties of this adhesive suit your process and product!

New anchor adhesive brings long term benefits for furniture industry

As the furniture industry is shifting towards increased use of particle board, reinforcing the low density material becomes more and more important. Not only does the new and innovative anchoring adhesive make the board stronger, but it also provides long term advantages for the production.

  • No adhesive waste: as the anchoring adhesive is applied by injecting it into the wood based panel, there is no adhesive waste. All the adhesive purchased, is also used.
  • Proven application methods: the anchor adhesive can be applied automatically or manually. The injection applications are carried out using technology with a proven track record: even though the adhesive is new, the application technique is not. The application can be integrated into industrial, continuous processes in order to improve overall efficiency.
  • Increased efficiency: thanks to the extremely fast curing of the adhesive, 2-4 seconds when injected, and the immediate readiness for drilling and milling, the cycle times can be kept short and the production efficiency is improved.
  • Smaller carbon footprint: the reinforcement adhesive not only makes wood based panels stronger, but also allows for use of even lower density fiberboard: the reduction in chipboard density is possible up to 400 kg/m3. This leads to reduced use of wood, which reduces the environmental impact as well as enables lower material costs.
  • Cheaper furniture: thanks to the reinforcement anchor adhesive, it is possible to reduce the costs of manufacturing wooden furniture. Due to the lighter weight, transportation costs also decrease. These together allow the furniture to be sold at lower price.
  • Lower weight of furniture: next to reduced transportation costs, the reduced weight also makes it easier and safer to move around the furniture.
  • Product quality and design possibilities: the use of this anchoring adhesive in low density fiberboard and other wood based panels increases product quality and extends lifespan as the material is made stronger in terms of higher pull out forces, and its moisture resistance is improved. Additionally, the reinforcement adhesive applications allow for greater design freedom and leave room for innovation.

The unique formulation of the new, revolutionary reinforcement and anchoring adhesive brings along several advantages which encourage the use of the adhesive also for other purposes than reinforcement and in other industries than furniture making such as automotive vehicle assembly and aerospace. Are you convinced this adhesive is what your process and products need? Contact us for more information and get connected with a supplier!

Take your furniture production to the next level with new reinforcement adhesive

The new, revolutionary reinforcement and anchoring adhesive system clearly aids the production of sustainable wooden furniture. In case you are interested in discovering the possibilities, contact us! Our experts are eager to introduce you to the supplier in our network.

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