Compostable food packaging coating

Compostable food packaging coating

How nice would it be if we could recycle all our food packaging? Can you imagine a supermarket without all that plastic packaging? Milk cartons that could be recycled like paper? An end to the growth of the plastic ocean soup?

The solutions are here! In this article, we would like to introduce you to a coating we can supply that is fully compostable. And we are not alone in this. This coating is certified compostable, FDA/BFR compliant for direct food contact, recyclable, repulpable and 100% food safe.

This coating could start making a difference in the world of plastics and disposable packaging. We would like to tell you more about it and hope that this inspires you, as a manufacturer, food chain owner, retailer or producer of packaging materials, to get to know this product. Because the world is yearning for it.

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Food packaging is difficult to recycle. This is because the packaging must contain a layer that protects the food from moisture, fats and bacteria.

You don’t want the grease from your pizza seeping through the box. You also don’t want your coffee dripping out of the bottom of your cup after a few minutes. Paperboard food packaging needs a coating. The materials used to prevent the paperboard from soaking are plastic and aluminum. Because of the use of these materials, these cartons are now difficult to recycle.

Many suppliers replace cardboard packaging with plastic packaging with a coating that is not biodegradable. The coatings used often contain a layer of plastic, sometimes aluminum, but also wax or paraffin. Consumers think that the product is less bad for the environment because the cardboard packaging looks “greener” than plastic. But in reality, the coating used is usually non-degradable and the packaging still cannot be recycled.


adhesives+coatings now has a coating that is ideal for food and beverage packaging. This coating is 100% compostable and food safe!

This innovative solution is the result of years of research with a single goal: to bridge the gap between durability and functionality. The coating does not contain any synthetic polymers or other non-degradable substances. The coating is even compostable and certified according to ASTM D6400.

In addition to this unique feature (few coatings are truly proven compostable), this product also meets all functional requirements. The coating provides an effective barrier against moisture, grease and bacteria, while being fully degradable. This means that the packaging to which this food packaging coating is applied can be used as compost instead of ending up as waste.

As a result, we offer a truly sustainable alternative that appeals to the eco-conscious consumer, while providing an effective packaging solution to the industry.


We wouldn’t be so excited about this compostable coating if it weren’t so functional. And that is exactly what this coating does.
The benefits of this innovative coating:

Meets EU and Chinese national standards for compostability

  • The coating is fully food safe;
  • The coating is 100% water-based and contains only bioactive ingredients;
  • Transparency: the coating is invisible;
  • Suitable for food and beverages, both dry and wet or high fat products;
  • Also suitable for a wide range of other packaging types, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household products, personal care products and pet food;
  • The coating can withstand extreme conditions. No problem to freeze, microwave or oven use;
  • It has perfect resistance to grease, oil and moisture;
  • Does not contain BPA, BHA, PFAS/PFOA/PFOS, mineral oils, phthalates, parabens or other non-FDA approved materials;
  • The price: it is lower than the price of traditional UV coatings.


Because the product is strong, water-based and 100% food safe, it has a wide range of applications. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution for any of the following applications, this product is for you!

  • Takeout and delivery meal boxes
  • Inner linings for paper milk and juice cartons
  • Protective layers for paper coffee cups
  • Coatings for frozen food packaging
  • Barrier for grease and oil resistance in fast food packaging
  • Liners for fresh fruit and vegetable trays
  • Coatings for bread and pastry paper bags
  • Protective layers for meat and fish cardboard packaging
  • Coatings for paper straws and plant-based utensils
  • Protection for paper plates and bowls
  • Coatings for to-go salad containers and lids
  • Coatings for packaging of biodegradable tableware
  • Food-safe layers for snack and candy packaging
  • Coatings for paper sandwich bags
  • Protective layers for tea boxes and coffee packaging
  • Coatings for baking paper and cupcake liners
  • Barrier coatings for cardboard egg cartons
  • Coatings for pet food packaging
  • Protective layers for dry food packaging like pasta and rice
  • Coatings for inner packaging of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products
  • Water-repellent coatings for labels and stickers
  • Coatings for packaging of fresh or refrigerated ready-to-eat meals
  • Protective layers for microwaveable food packaging
  • Coatings for industrial bags for ingredients like flour and sugar
  • Linings for food subscription shipping boxes and meal kits

In short, any food packaging product that contains a coating can be modified with this biodegradable coating. We hope this article has inspired you to make your packaging more environmentally friendly. We hope it will inspire you to take action.


Would you also like to make your packaging fully compostable and contribute to a better environment? We are happy to help you find the right coating for your product or packaging material. This can be the coating as described in this article, but also a customized product that fits your company or product exactly. Our specialists will be happy to help you find the right environmentally friendly coating.

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