PSA roofing adhesive

When you are trying to pick the perfect roofing adhesive (PSA) for your non-woven reinforced polymeric membranes, you quickly run into a number of challenges. The variety is huge (EPDM, SBS, APP, TPS, etc.), and the number of adhesives is even bigger. As technology advances, the number of possible combinations grows.

Black EPDM roofing membrane on flat domestic roof
Black EPDM roofing membrane on flat domestic roof.

You may be used to a certain adhesive, but are you sure that it is the best for your roofing situation? Think of the costs that come with unhappy customers. Do you want to risk using the wrong adhesive? 

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Why using the proper adhesive matters

Every type of polymeric membrane has different properties. You need to find a matching roofing glue with the right characteristics. When these are compatible, the job becomes easier and more satisfying. What’s more, the roofing should last for decades. Happy customers make every project great, right?

Roofing adhesive requirements

You are looking for proper, effortless adhesion, while obtaining watertight sheet-to-sheet sealing. Some membranes come with their own self-adhesive border; some just come with a roll of tape.

On both steep and level roofs, applying a coating of roofing glue across the entire membrane surface can have a number of advantages. To begin with, you get to decide what type of EPDM adhesive is used, where it is applied, and how thick. Another is that you’ll know the roofing adhesive used will be new, at the top of its strength and sealing capabilities.

White PVC roofing membrane on flat industrial roof
White PVC roofing membrane on flat industrial roof.

Now, you’ll want to be sure that this really is the best roofing adhesive for your particular project. It almost takes a degree in chemistry nowadays to understand which one to pick. Don’t worry, we got your covered.

Roofing adhesive requirements

The perfect roofing glue must be compatible with your specific roofing membrane. You’ll want to make a combination where you have all of these benefits:

  • High peel on various polymeric materials
  • High SAFT (Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature)
  • High UV-resistance
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Moderate or no change in performance due to ageing
  • Suitable viscosity and rheology for standard hot-melt coating equipment

How do I find the best adhesive for my project?

You care about your project, so you don’t just pick a random EPDM glue off a shelve. There is a huge variety of materials, processes and challenges to consider. Each combination will require careful analysis, to prevent you from ending up with a botched project.

Let us analyze your project and the materials you’re going to use, and you will receive expert advice on the best adhesive, specifically for your project.

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