Pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melt

Pneumatic dispensers help apply reactive hot melt adhesives

Is your glue gun the right one for your needs? High quality application equipment plays an important role in hot melt adhesive. Depending on the application, either automatic or manual equipment can be used: in this article we introduce a piece of manual equipment, more specifically a pneumatic adhesive dispenser system, designed for reactive hot melt adhesive cartridges made of aluminum.

This hot melt glue gun is designed to tackle some issues known to most pneumatic glue guns: it has a built-in adhesive level indicator and a PTFE coated closed tank. These two design features allow for adhesive waste reduction and increased efficiency as well as greater process reliability resulting in lower TOC (total cost of ownership).

Benefits of of a high quality pneumatic adhesive dispenser gun

Reactive hot melt adhesives can be applied using a pneumatic adhesive dispenser system designed for either beads and dots or spray applications. A pneumatic glue gun for hot melts is a good choice of equipment especially when low to moderate adhesive consumption is expected. The hot melt guns can be used throughout industries, but they have benefits that come in handy especially in automotive assembly, packaging and electronics applications.

When a pneumatic hot melt glue gun has been chosen to be used for manual applications, the adhesive dispenser should be of high quality in order to get the most out of it. This high quality pneumatic glue gun has some characteristics which make it a perfect choice for when low waste and high efficiency are desired.

  • Easy to operate: in order to guarantee efficient use of the hot glue melter and dispenser, a glue gun should have advanced ergonomics, simple parameter settings and one hand closure. Additionally, the level indicator that tells how much adhesive is still left in the cartridge, makes using the hot melt adhesive easier to dispense.
  • Minimum maintenance: another factor that contributes to the hot melt adhesive efficiency in the long run is the need for maintenance. A high quality pneumatic glue gun is often fluoropolymer coated (PTFE) and has a closed tank which together reduce the need for maintenance: no adhesive residue will stick to the tank, which makes changing cartridges easy and reduces failure rate and handling issues.
  • Eco friendly: this model of pneumatic adhesive dispenser has digitally controlled temperature settings which allow for extreme accuracy for hot glue melting. It also has the option to program automatic temperature reduction. This automatically reduces the overall energy consumption and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, the level indicator makes sure all the adhesive is used, cartridges are not changed too eraly and no waste emerges.
  • Versatility: allowance for different spray patterns and a wide range of accessories make this pneumatic hot melt glue gun versatile. Additionally, the hot glue melter can be used for a wide range of reactive adhesives (as long as they come in 310ml aluminum cartridges), which provides even more possibilities.
  • Process reliability: The fill level indicator of this model as well as microprocessor controlled stable temperature and replicable spray patterns increase process reliability.

Summing up all the aforementioned benefits, the best pneumatic hot melt adhesive dispensers have an excellent price-performance ratio. In the long run it pays back the initial investment which may be little higher than with less innovative hot melt glue guns. Our experts can further help you choosing the best pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melt!

Pneumatic hot melt glue gun: how it works

A pneumatic adhesive dispenser is made for hot melt adhesives that come in aluminum cartridges. It is fairly easy to operate, has a modern design and innovative features.

pneumatic glue gun for hot melt adhesives on its stand
The pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melts has a modern design and innovative features.

Once the glue gun cartridge is placed inside the pneumatic adhesive dispenser and the device is switched on, the cartridge becomes pierced by two spikes: one that pierces the tip of the cartridge and another that goes through the topside of the aluminum cartridge. When the hot melt adhesive trigger is pulled, compressed air flows into the cartridge discharging the adhesive. Note that the glue and the nozzle may be as hot as 200°C.

This model also has a fill level indicator which tells how much hot melt adhesive is left in the cartridge and shows when the cartridge must be changed.

TIP: In order to maximize the efficiency, at least two of the reserve cartridges should be kept in a cartridge preheater which eliminates the need of time consuming heating of the cartridges in the pneumatic adhesive dispenser. A pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melts should have a modern design and innovative features.

Buy glue gun for hot melt adhesives

It is not always easy to find the right pneumatic adhesive dispenser for hot melt adhesives: there are many models, prices and features. In case you are interested in high quality pneumatic hot melt guns from manufacturers with a proven track record, contact us and get in touch with a specialist. Our experts are happy to help you buy a glue gun that increases the efficiency of your processes while reducing waste.

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