Sealants: types

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There are four major classification of sealants based on their Chemical Names: Acrylic, Silicone, Polyurethane, and Hybrid.

1.     Acrylics: acrylics are conventionally used even before silicon selants were known to the market. These are most common sealants being most economical. Though the usage has dropped they continue to be In high demand.

2.     Silicones: Due to its versatility of usage most construction projects have switched to silicones all over the world. Silicones have proven in variety of applications, their durability and Long lasting properties.

3.     Polyurethene: following silicones limitations a new era on sealing technology erupted in mid 1990’swhich is technically more advanced on silicones. However Pu’s Could not deliver enough results in exterior applications. Moreover, Pu’s have solvents which emit strong odour during and after application.

4.     Hybrids: Hybrid polymers or Syliyl Modified Polymers are new generation sealants in the market now. These have two chemical bases comined. These have delivered amazing results across the industry. Easy extrusion, no odour, Controlled hardening, High UV resistance, No Shirking, No Bubbling, Longer life cycle

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